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Title: Moon Knight Pinball
Post by: Perry on June 09, 2016, 09:06:50 PM
I finally downloaded the "Vengeance and Virtue" pack for Zen 2 Pinball. I had played Captain America just about to death and decided to buy another table. When I went to buy one (for a very fair $2.99 for the solo Marvel tables) I found I had more funds in my account than I thought, so ... yeah, I bought a pack of 4 tables for $9.99 instead. I decided on the vengeance pack solely because it had Moon Knight in it, but I have to say I am enjoying the Ghost Rider and Thor table almost as much. I haven't played the X-Men table much at all, yet, but I will get there.

I wish you could make your own pack or pick certain tables out of a pack to buy on their own, as I really want that Infinity Gauntlet table (that damn thing looks sweet), but it is in another pack and so I can't buy it separately. The pack it comes with also has World War Hulk (which is pretty fun ... at least the demo is), the Avengers (movie) table, that seems ... okay I guess (you get to play each character as a character ball, but in the demo you don't get to play enough to tell if that is gonna be cool or not  :D). But the downside of this pack is that it also comes with Fear Itself table. It looks very interesting, but I am still a little scared thinking about that damn event ... not sure I can have that table.

I think Dr. Strange and Fatastic Four (solo tables) may be next, but I think I may get them all anyway at some point, so its no big deal really.

But yeah, Moon Knight pinball is fun. Download the demo and give it a try.

Edit -
Click HERE ( and scroll all the way down, to see the tables and play a little video of each one (although they show a little too much animation and multi-ball than they should, you can still see the tables)

Try that Infinity Gauntlet one!! Bricks block the flippers!! I WANT IT !!!

Edit 2 - But man, I don't know, that Spider-Man table looks very fun. Another great table mixed in a pack of possibly okay tables. Maybe they did this on purpose? Ya think?

And Edit 3 - Just tried the demo of Dr. Strange.  :'( Nope.