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Title: Batman vol 8 'Superheavy'
Post by: Jimmy T on May 26, 2016, 07:45:38 PM
Robo-bunny Batman to the rescue!!

I have no problem with the fact they make fun of the suit. Makes me wonder if Capullo has some manga/gungnam desire and got to draw it.

But seriously, what irritates me about the suit is wondering how Gordon fits in it. Because his knees are not at the suit's knees, and his shoulders can't be at suits the hell does he fit inside?!! Cuz look at how the suit moves and pivots! I can't understand it! No sense!!

As far as the story, it's weak sauce. Also, this volume was part 1 of Gordon's epic, so, just feels like I haven't read anything yet. The part I do really love is the explanation of what happened Bruce with the chemical bath and what it has done to his psyche. Listening to Alfred talk makes me want Bruce to never return to his knightlife (heh).

So, it's okay. Doesn't feel like I read half the story; just the prologue. So, I gotta wait a bunch more months to see the end of this story. *sigh*  :-\

Title: Re: Batman vol 8 'Superheavy'
Post by: Perry on May 27, 2016, 07:37:05 AM
Wasn't a great arc, but the end was much better. Well ... better. Just plain ole "Better", I guess.

Your suit fit claim is valid however  ;D

Title: Re: Batman vol 8 'Superheavy'
Post by: Jeff on May 27, 2016, 05:04:39 PM
I didn't enjoy it at all really.    I was willing to give Snyder another arc to redeem himself in my eyes but now Rebirth is here and the creatives are swapping around. I'll likely checkout all the Bat books going forward but, yeah, this was just not my mug of ale.