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Title: ANAD cancelations
Post by: Perry on February 02, 2016, 09:00:38 AM
The first of many cuts in the new All New All Different Marvel line was announced yesterday. Black Knight is officially the first title to get the ole axe. Not a book I enjoyed (sadly, as I really wanted to get into some good Dane Whitman stories) so nothing that effects my reading as of yet.

Looking further into the November/December sales charts and going solely on those sales recorded, the only titles that I am currently reading that I am worried about making it past issue #6 are Angela and Hercules. Neither would be huge losses as their stories are not the greatest, overall, but they are still nice reads if you enjoy the characters

It use to be that if you were reading a title from the big two that had sales around the 23,500 range you were pretty safe in knowing the title would be around for at least 6 additional issues ... or a reboot, whichever came first.  ;D Not sure if that applies still but if not, here are the titles next in line to possibly get the chop based on sales along with their current sales rounded down to the nearest 100

Illuminati - 23,000
Drax - 23,000
Black Knight 22,000 - Cut already
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur - 21,700 (wonder if Marvel will suck this loss up due to diversity?)
Angela - 20,900
Hercules - 20,700
Howling Commandos of SHIELD - 18,000 - DEAD TITLE WALKING!!!  ;D

Of course this chart has a couple new issue #1's on it that will probably slide right off the page as well. I just can't picture Starbrand and Nightmask maintaining that 27,900 mark. I would say probably 17,500 for issue #2 ... maybe?

The surprise for me is that damn Contest of Champions title holding pretty strong with issue #3's orders of 29,100. For a fighty fighty title I thought that would be lower by now. Of course Carnage holding a 34,800 at issue #4 also is very surprising. I wonder if it is the early 80's Marvel guys buying due to it being written by Gerry Conway or is it the mid 90's Marvel guys buying it due to Carnage.

Man, looking over THIS ( chart again I am now wondering if that old 23,500 range for a comic being safe has moved all the way up to the 30,000 mark? If so, lots a comics are in danger that really need to be saved. Okay, mainly just Ant-Man and Squadron Supreme, but still

Title: Re: ANAD cancelations
Post by: Jimmy T on February 02, 2016, 10:05:45 PM
Honest ambivalence.

I'm sure they'll do just fine when whatever company wide event title tie-in is plastered all over their covers to keep them going 6 months.  8)

Quick bet! I think Starbrand/Nighthawk #2 will only garner...11,300 copies. Any takers on that? ;)