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Title: Legends of Tomorrow
Post by: Perry on January 24, 2016, 07:57:59 PM
Well just watched my first and last episode of this new series. Okay, truthfully I didn't make it further than about 26 minutes in, so no, I didn't watch the entire thing, but that was enough to know that I have no interest in going any further with this show. Just not for me. Hope you guys enjoy

Title: Re: Legends of Tomorrow
Post by: Jimmy T on January 24, 2016, 10:11:41 PM
Haven't watched yet. Read review titles for this ep calling it "No characterization, but what action"

Title: Re: Legends of Tomorrow
Post by: Perry on January 31, 2016, 09:05:06 PM
So what are your thoughts now, Jimmy. Has the second episode aired?

Title: Re: Legends of Tomorrow
Post by: Jimmy T on February 01, 2016, 12:43:00 PM
I actually still haven't seen it. I was so behind, I watched an ep of Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, izombie, Venture Brothers special, and Shannara Chronicles from that same week; it seemed to difficult to get in Legends yet!

But I've a feeling I'll think similar to you, but I may forgive it easier and allow the show to play.  :-\

Title: Re: Legends of Tomorrow
Post by: Perry on February 01, 2016, 01:36:55 PM
Crap Venture Brothers special !!!


 ;D Now I have to go find it.

And I tried Shannara and while it wasn't bad, I just have too much other stuff to watch so I dropped it after the first episode.

Title: Re: Legends of Tomorrow
Post by: Jimmy T on February 03, 2016, 12:51:30 AM
Ep. 1 "Pilot"

Nothing spoilery here. A very quick ep, meaning very light on, well, plot. At least, a plot without super convenience. I'm trying to think if I would have preferred a longer version of an origin story. I know that there have been other mediums that have done some really good jobs at it. But, this is TV, this is CW TV, and they know their bread and butter about what they do.

WAs the bar fight gratuitious? Of course! But Sara looks damned good doing it. I enjoy the snide comments from Leonard and Mick (although, everyone else standing around being cool when they say they are in it to "kill people" well...Ray should have words about that). I think this show will stand alot on it's merits with how Ray (Brandon Routh) carries it. A movie star, and very good actor in his own right will make or break this show, I think.

Also, Victor Garber really can carry a lot as wel (think Alias), so I see them as the big heavy weights of the show.

Rip Hunter....he doesn't grab me right away. Constantine/Matt Ryan? Nailed it from the get go. Now, comic-Rip Hunter is a bit of stogey guy anyways (can you imagine if that was Booster Gold? That'd be great!!)

Also, I love the Hawks. So, it does help me to give a blind eye to clumsy things in the show...for now.

I don't see anything to hate this yet. Perry, I've been with these characters so long, and I just enjoy seeing them, so, I'm okay with things right now. And damn, flying characters effects are pretty cool!!

Title: Re: Legends of Tomorrow
Post by: Jimmy T on February 05, 2016, 12:23:28 AM
Ep 2 'Pilot part 2'

"Suffice to say, they must be from the future."

LMAO; of course they are!! OH Vandal Savage, you uncanny fellow you. Way to pickup on that. ;)

I can't believe how much drug paraphenelia they had and showed in this ep! Wow!

Not sure I buy the Hawks as a couple. Carter is a bit of a blockhead, it seems. A bit too stoic for my liking. Where's my bloodlusting rager? That's what I want!! Then again,
Never mind! He's dead!! Now I understand why the current posters only have the Hawkgirl on them! lol  :D

It's fun to see the various characters playing off of each other. Ray and Snart is kinda cool.

And yes, with a time traveling show, we are going to hit all kinds of fun future implication tropes and explore them in some blatant and subtle ways.

But damn, big scale visual fights are plenty awesome to watch!!


Rip Hunter sucks. That role just blows on this show. I understand that he was a Doctor Who companion, but here, the dialogue he has to work with, and his presentation of it just blows.

Still, I'm fine with the show. I'll keep watching.

Title: Re: Legends of Tomorrow
Post by: Jimmy T on February 13, 2016, 02:17:55 PM
Ep 3 'Blood Ties'

A lot of action that was totally fun and, well, totally, reveling in it's action. Sara going off in the bank was super cool!! Sara is definitely a far better actress than Laurel, or well Thea, in defining and explaining the blood lust. So much better here.

I dig watching Ray and Stein work off each other. Stein is just such a conceited prick, but it's fun to watch!! I'll say this about the show; there are so many varied permutations of character interactions that it can be a lot of fun for a while.

However; a few things: Rip still sucks...but he's getting a bit better (but not much). Also, Rip's idea to bring along Snart and Mick is a bit short-sighted or outright stupid.

Snart (Wentworth Miller) really gets to break out from Cold's persona when he revisits his home. What a great moment!! No scene chewing mugging going on here for Miller/Snart, just honest emotion. Very, very cool.

Atom in action was really cool! Way to make that look cool and worthwhile on a tv show!! :)

The ending went a little flat as it came down to Rip v Savage, and I don't really care for either of them. That, and suddenly the knife is a wand of lightning? At least Sara looks wicked sweet fighting!!

Emotinally, the show is still floundering, as it tries to hammer in how much they miss Carter (really? Do they? Miss Carter? cuz I really don't, and I love Hawkman!!). "But we are a team! Love each other as a team!" Sure, sure, I bet it'll come. ;)

Title: Re: Legends of Tomorrow
Post by: Jimmy T on February 27, 2016, 02:49:33 PM
Ep 4 & 5 were a two parter (White Knights & Fail Safes) -dealing with a capture, recreating the Firestorm, and a Russian gulag.

The serious fun of this show is simply how they shuffle the deck on the character pairings. One, it's always fun to write the villain and his code against a hero, when there is no threat of a fight between them. That dialogue nearly writes itself.

and Routh can definitely hold his own screen presence. Victor Gerber chews the scenery better than most and still makes it interesting to watch. Purcell and Miller are fun as Cold and Heatwave in this group.

The cheesiness of it, like watching all those white American super ninja fighters in every 80s movie, is my appeal to the show. If you take any of this too seriously, you'll drown in how inane it can be.

But it's a buddy-buddy show where teammates learn to grow on each other and accomplish their goals.

However, the biggest flaws continue to be the main props of the show: Rib Hunter, Vandal Savage, and Kendra Saunders.

Badly written characters, poorly acted roles, and boring one note cyphers. I don't think the actress for Hawkgirl can really fill the boots of the character. She's about as strong as Laurel is as the Black Canary on Arrow. Now Sara? There's an actress who you believe is that ass kicking assassin in how she carries herself with the focus on her, as well as in the quiet moments of personal revelation.

It's also a hindrance to Kendra and the actress that the show continues to write her with no clue how to advance her. Does she weep for Hawkman, who she spurned, who she suddenly loved, as a warrior that remembers her past, doesn't remember how to fight to stand up...get it right, people!! After all, she's the only one who can permanently kill Savage, so "she's important."

Then there's Savage....what a shit actor. Gawd, he's just awful. Now HE is the same villain from every 80's white American super ninja movie ever! Being bad to be bad, acting like the most evil there is, he could be any henchmen boss that Arnold ever fought in a movie not labled Conan or Terminator. He's just awful. So, for that, he makes me laugh.   :D

Rip Hunter...IS damned awful. Where as Savage makes me laugh, Rip has no redeeming screen time at all. Petulant and whiny when no one listens to him, stupid in his foresight and planning, annoying in his bossiness and characterization-Rip is no fun. Whatsoever. They tried the mysterious man from the future, but he can't even carry off the vibe Rufus (George Carlin) had when meeting Bill & Ted in a phonebooth time machine. They've tried making him the man on a vengeance run through time and space, but he doesn't have the mettle to stand up to anyone and truly make them listen to him. As a leader? He's no leader. He flounders, he messes up, he questions and derides his team, and they do what they need to and win IN SPITE OF RIP. Rip sucks. Rip kinda sucks in the comics, especially if you don't have Booster Gold there to keep him working well.


That's what this show needs. That's how this show would epitomize all the awesomeness that 80s fun movies gave us in memories. Ditch Rip, bring in Booster as leader, and this show would RAWK!!!!

Title: Re: Legends of Tomorrow
Post by: Jimmy T on March 05, 2016, 04:53:20 AM
Yup, a story that focuses on Rip, his back story origin for the show.

And he's a loser. A whiny little bitch. Lackluster. A fool. A moron. This show will crash more or less because of him, to be honest.

Also, Kendra isn't being used (and I'm not sure she can hold up to it), and this ep just seemed a bit...stupid. Firestorm doesn't form, Kendra doesn't her weapons, Rip continues to be a tremendous idiot. At least Stein is really fun! Usually some cool interaction with Jax.

If this doesn't last beyond a season, I won't cry. I'll enjoy it having been on!