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Title: Cullen Bunn done at DC?
Post by: Jimmy T on October 30, 2015, 08:38:54 AM

Good lord, what is wrong with people?

For me, I do actually read Aquaman, Sinestro, and GL: Lost Army (that title being undone by DC overheads, not by Bunn).

He also writes Lobo-but every other book he writes for DC is being cancelled!

I've been patiently reading Aquaman, and enjoying the build...but to what now? Sounds like Bunn has been mostly going about the motions to phone the rest in, due to reactions.

But GLC Lost Army is getting a weird little reboot after the title ends. Sinestro I've honestly enjoyed the whole time. Good, very good, not earth-shattering great, but so very good.

So, with Sinestro, Lost Army ending, me quitting the 'Superman' title, dropping Flash to maybe pick up in trades, I'm really winnowing down my pull list at DC as well. Sheesh.

Title: Re: Cullen Bunn done at DC?
Post by: Perry on October 30, 2015, 09:35:42 AM
I haven't read his Aquaman yet or his Sinestro. GL Lost Army was okay (started stronger than when I jumped off). I do kinda remember you saying his Magneto over at Marvel was also ... meh, so maybe a new writer on Aquaman will do more good than harm.

I do know his Six Gun was fantastic up to the point where I had to jump off, for financial reasons back then.

The quote inside the article -  "There's a bunch of other stuff, too, but it's best we don't dwell on it."  says something as well. At least we can assume it is not problems with his editor this time, which is good to hear.

Wonder if this is a precursor for an exit from DC? I hope not as he is only doing one Marvel book, that I know of (an X book) and that won't be enough to pay the bills. But then again, he always has Six Gun.

Title: Re: Cullen Bunn done at DC?
Post by: Jeff on October 30, 2015, 12:18:25 PM
Agreed.  I liked his Six Gun series but also jumped off back when I was cutting deep.  And his Sinestro was good also.