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Title: Comic Book Day - October 14, 2015
Post by: Jeff on October 12, 2015, 09:39:26 PM
Building up for next weeks shipment.....

All New All Different Point One #1
Batman #45
Batman Annual #4
Batman: Endgame Special Edition #1 
Copperhead #10
Doctor Strange #1
Earth 2 Society #5
Flash #44
Grayson #12
Grayson Annual #2
Inferno #5
Inhumans Attilan Rising #5
Invisible Republic #6
Justice League #44
Low #10
Marvel Zombies #4
Morning Glories #48
Nameless #5
Old Man Logan #5
Secret Wars #6 (of 8 )
Southern Bastards #11
Walking Dead #147
We Stand On Guard #4
X-Tinction Agenda #4
Years of Future Past #5


Title: Re: Comic Book Day - October 14, 2015
Post by: Perry on October 12, 2015, 10:01:31 PM
No idea yet.  :D

Get back to you when I am home again.

Now back to the craps table!!

Only down $55 so far. Pretty damn good considering how much I have played. Not throwing around $200 at a time, just $5 min Blackjack and Craps, but after staying here for days ... being up at all or down this little ... hell yeah, that's a win !!!

Thought I was in for a lot of sitting in the hotel room with no more money to play with when my usual $20 bet on the roulette wheel went bye-bye. I put $20 on black (per Snipes demand to always bet on that color  ;) ) as soon as I walk into the hotel I will be staying at and that usually sets the mood. It is the only time I even look t the wheel for the rest of the stays. horrible "game" is what it is.

I lost this time though as red was the winner, the winner was red  >:(