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Title: ANAD Invincible Iron Man
Post by: Perry on October 08, 2015, 09:43:57 AM
One of the best Bendis books I have ever read.

Yep. Not shying away from saying it.

Yes, it had the typical "talking heads" aspect (almost), but I have never minded that anyway, but this was a lot tighter this time.

Funny part of that was when Tony was on a date with this new girl and the talk went to Tony and his ways of trying to impress his dates.

Tony states "If I was trying to impress you, I'd have Thor "accidentally" stop by
His date replies "Funny. But I am pretty sure I would leave if you did that"
"Really?" Tony asks

and as the date has her back turned talking, Thor flies into the background, leaving Tony to give the no no sign.

Not as funny written out as it is in the book because the art helps a lot. And speaking of the art ...

FANTASTIC !!!!!!! Amazing looking. Bendis once again gets the benefit of hooking up with some top talent in David Marquez. Dude is just ... wow.

And yes, Tony's girl Friday is now in the comic but that's fine. And Madam Masque has never seemed cooler !!!

When this hits MU, this should be on the top of your stack!! It is just that good of a starting point !!!!

Title: Re: ANAD Invincible Iron Man
Post by: Jeff on October 08, 2015, 02:40:53 PM
Sounds great!  Can't wait for it to hit MU!

Title: Re: ANAD Invincible Iron Man
Post by: Wringer on October 08, 2015, 05:10:56 PM
i wont be waiting...this will be one of the few books i buy off the stand instead of waiting.  the list is down to maybe 4-5 books depending on character or creative team.

right now it will be:
Amazing S-M
S-M 2099
ANAD Iron Man
AN X-men (on the edge)

thinking thats about it...the rest i can wait for 6months.

Title: Re: ANAD Invincible Iron Man
Post by: Jimmy T on October 12, 2015, 04:01:33 AM
Oh, I'll read it fully on MU. I even Byrne stole most of it at the store. But you know I can never give another penny to anything BMB ever writes.  8)

Also, from facebook by Neil "Iron Centurion back in the day" Kapit, which I truly enjoyed:
"Both Spider-Man and Iron Man got new #1 issues with new directions this week. In Peter Parker's current story, he's a successful technocrat with his superhero identity as his "bodyguard", and while he's still prone to goof-ups, he's become a strong force for good in the world. In Tony Stark's current story, he's a stunted man-child who can't manage his professional and personal lives and seems to have no talents outside of being Iron Man. Have these guys gone through a Freaky Friday switch?"

Title: Re: ANAD Invincible Iron Man
Post by: Perry on October 12, 2015, 09:51:47 PM

They even mention that. to an extent, in the Amazing Spidey issue. Talk about how Petey is now very much like "Stark-Lite"

They also have incorporated a "Batman Inc." thing over there as well.

This book seems like a Bendis Spidey book in the way mentioned, but it has its own Tony voice also. Not a huge fan of Tony actually (though I still say Matt Fractions run on IM was the best run that title had seen since Iron Man issue #155, right after the trio ... Michelinie, JRjr and Layton ... left the book.

In fact, I would say my favorite and only IM books I need to ever read or have again are:
The trio's run 116-157 (not all them three guys, but that run was fantastic)
Matt Fraction and Larroca's Iron-Man 1-33, 500-27 (sans ALL that Fear Itself SHIT !!!!!!)

Looking forward to hopefully adding Bendis' run here as well. Really looking forward to seeing this new suit. Brilliant idea.

Title: Re: ANAD Invincible Iron Man
Post by: Jimmy T on June 10, 2016, 03:25:04 PM
So! I have read issues 1-4.

David Marquez is excellent! Tony has the van dyke, with a thick moustache and thick eyebrows-and I love it!

I think the suit design is lame, and visually unappealing. It looks like footie Iron Man pajamas from Target. There's no weight, no heft to it. And also-(my comic rant, so the points don't make sense across all spectrums of comicdom) WHERE does the extra mass come from? How did his skin suit become the Hulkbuster? That. doesn't. make. SENSE. Especially in an Iron Man comic, which has as of late always tried to make the suit a 'thing' that is real and obeys certain laws of physics (I mean, yes, every time Tony falls from the sky in the suit and doesn't die-well, he should be dead!!But that's not the law I'm talking about here! ;) ) No, that's a thing that just bugged me from the start. Marquez' art and storytelling is so very good-but the main character of ol'Shellhead is boring. And the robo-finger gloves on the hands rank right up there with the thumb sleeves Superman used to sport. Ugh.

That said...I think the story is there. I truly do. However, sorry, we know I'm not a fan. I can't stand Bendis Babble (*TM, I'm sure of it). The BB works just fine with an idiot like teenage Ice Man, or an Ultimate Spider-man, and with a background annoying moron Avenger Spider-man, but from Tony Stark? Please. Gilmore Girls talk had it's moment on Gilmore Girls-but Bendis hasn't let it go. And it still irks the ever living shit out of me.

I love LOVE the Micheline/Bright/Layton days (both runs!!), and Fraction's is just top notch. Just great. This armor has a long way to go in story and presentation before I love it as those days.


And for rebuttal to Perry, no, I don't hate it. I did say that the story is there. I enjoy that a lot. But the speaking speech patterns of watching Tony react to an honest Victor like he's on SNL pretending to be Will Ferrell I just can't stomach. ;)

Title: Re: ANAD Invincible Iron Man
Post by: Perry on June 10, 2016, 07:31:28 PM
Hey, I get it. I'm glad you gave it a try. And while I love that one aspect of Bendis that you hate (I love the Dr. Strange "facial hair Bros" high-five), I will say that we are 100% agreement on the following -

I think the suit design is lame, and visually unappealing.

That mass issue is one of my problems, but that point in the mask ... by the chin ... HATE THAT SHIT !!!!!!!

I will also add that while I am a huge fan of Deodato art, he comes on in the next arc, he is really going overboard lately with the shadows and shading. Everything is so damn dark. Hell, Rhodey walked into a bar an issue or so ago and I culd see him.
Now no, that is not a racist joke, don't take it that way, it is just that Rhodey IS a black guy and with Deodato making things so damn dark, inside a dark atmosphere room, around a dark skinned character, it was very hard to see. I hated it.

But hell ... hope you try International ... heehee ... just kidding
(Though it is good stuff)

Title: Re: ANAD Invincible Iron Man
Post by: Jimmy T on July 24, 2016, 06:28:13 PM

Issue 5

-Tony Stark, the Tony Stark, blathering on that Frost is tucked inside a metaphysical taco surrounded by a tachyon electro babble burrito?


I cannot stand non-stop quipping. It's annoying as all hell. Its like watching Two Broke Girls and watching every lame joke set up just so the snotty one can say something. It's transparently awful.

But hey, there is real emotion for how Tony is broken up by what has happened to Whitney-and about what will happen to Whitney. Real emotion (thanks D. Marquez), and a solid 'real person' moment for Tony.

Then it's back to Tony talking-continually-like some tv show moron.

For god's sake, bring back thought balloons, otherwise Tony looks like a complete moron narrating his day. This book needs side characters, fer crissake.

Title: Re: ANAD Invincible Iron Man
Post by: Perry on July 24, 2016, 07:40:23 PM
Haha, Still loving this book, personally  :)

But hey, welcome to my Superman years

EDIT - However ...


Come on now, you know Tony has always been a fan of hearing his own voice.
Fits the comic well