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Post by: Perry on July 02, 2015, 06:34:18 PM

I'm a little late on this, but I just now found out that an Image comic mini-series I picked up back in 2012 has continued and now has actually ended a few months back. I didn't see anything about this until now. I think I only got the first four issues the first time around, and didn't notice issue 5 came out later, but I damn sure missed they completed the damn thing.

It was a very cool comic with some interesting art that I ... wish I could remember  :D I do remember the plot ... sort of like the Teen Titans being the only heroes left on the world after an alien invasion wipes out the Justice League. And that issue 3 ... or 4 ...? ... had an incredible ending/twist. That is all I really remember but heck, after a quick search I have found the issues so I will be getting them again (as I have no idea where my paper issues are).

Another cool thing (or a bad thing as I know I will have to buy it as well) is they have an alternate ending to the series available. There are two different issue #8s. One has the original ending and the other has a different ending. I am not sure if this was planned or if, as the series took over 3 years to complete, the writer decided on a better ending when given more time to sit on it. Either way, I will be getting both (I just hope the alternate ending does not just consist of one or two panels ...

Anyway, check out Danger Club. HERE ( is Image's page and look for the