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Title: New Image CHEAP
Post by: Perry on July 01, 2015, 11:58:09 AM
Hey guys, ever wanted to try an Image title but just felt too bogged down? Well now you can try a bunch of them for only 99 each. Heck they even have some trades that you can buy the first arc of cheaper than the first paper trade. Image always puts out a titles first trade for the amazingly low price of $10, but HERE ( you can buy the digital version for only $5 or again, just try an issue or two to see if ya like it.

Copperhead (Jimmy) the first 5 issues 99 each
Invisible Republic 1 and 2 (reminds me I have to post my thoughts on 4  :D)
Ellis' Trees 1-8
Brubaker's The Fade Out 1-6
Pisces (Jeff  :D) just the first issue

Reyn 1-5 (Never tried this but looks to be fantasy/sci-fi ... a maybe for Jimmy?)
Wayward 1-7 (Never tried this one either ... may for this price)

They also have the first three issues of Secret Identity that I have just grabbed. A friend of mine at the LCS (not Dave  ;)) told me I would really like this. I figured for $3 for the first three issues, cheaper than the first issue alone, I would give this a shot. Luckily the shop was out of issue #1 and #2 or I would have tried it right then and there. Thanks comic buyers for making that title sell out the first couple issues.

Title: Re: New Image CHEAP
Post by: Jimmy T on July 01, 2015, 07:12:28 PM
Oh Copperhead, there we go!!