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Post by: Perry on May 13, 2015, 11:58:59 PM
Sometimes it is just worth taking a chance. I grabbed Pisces #1 today as it just looked kinda interesting and while I can honestly tell you that I will be back for issue #2 because issue #1 was so interesting, it really should have been a super-sized issue. It needed more room ... I think

I can't express how much I think everyone should read this first issue. It seems like it is gonna be a very thought provoking title. However, at the same time I can't express how much I think everyone should not buy this first issue. Talk about set up? This issue is 100% set up. What happens in the panels does lead to a very cool ending, your head will tilt slightly to one side as you think "What? Is that it?", but it is one of those ending that really does entice you to come back and read issue two.

Or it will piss you off so much, as there is not much of a story here, that you never read it again.  ;D

I say, Byrne steal this puppy. Read it at the LCS and then decide what road you will take.

Road one is the slam it back down and walk away path that I fear a majority of readers may take. I think a lot of readers will feel jilted with this issue as there is so little inside. Certainly not worth the price.

Road two is the need to find out what happens in the next issue that I think may pull a few readers in. Some readers will find this book intriguing enough to come back for at least one more issue. Yes, this was expensive for what you got, but you really want to know the next step in what you have.

I am sad that I paid the money for this, but I am also very glad I did because issue #2 can't get here fast enough. I need to know what is going on and I would have never felt that pull had I not paid for this issue.

Man, if only this was double sized.Maybe that is why it wasn't a double-sized issue. They knew if you bought the first issue, you had to come back for the second.

I am giving this a pure down the middle rating, but I believe that some may fall way to one side or the other of that ranking and not be like me and ride the middle. It was ... yeah ... that's it ... It was.

5 outta 10 - can't waits

Title: Re: PISCES
Post by: Jeff on May 14, 2015, 01:05:30 AM
Hmmmm.  Sounds like I will wait for you views on issue 2.

Title: Re: PISCES
Post by: Perry on May 14, 2015, 01:28:06 AM
Hmmmm.  Sounds like I will wait for you views on issue 2.

Yes, for sure, but you have to, just have to flip through and read issue #1 next time you're at your LCS. It's very ... "very trippy"