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Title: Mini-Relaunch titles!!
Post by: Perry on February 06, 2015, 02:31:03 PM
How cow.
I have not even looked at the list yet, fully, so I will get back with comments, but BC has just posted DC's "mini-relaunch titles" as seen HERE (

What say yee? See any you like?

EDIT - And HERE ( is a list of canceled titles. Just scanned through ... Batman & Robin? Can't imagine that will last as "canceled" for long.

Is DC doing the Marvel thing now? Relaunching new issue 1's every creator change?

EDIT 3 - Wait! They are killing Justice League Dark and keeping that God awful Justice League United? WTF????

Edit 4 -  :D - Okay, never mind about the anger above. They are just setting up Del Toro. Relaunching it as Dark Universe. I am okay with that I guess.

Title: Re: Mini-Relaunch titles!!
Post by: Jimmy T on February 06, 2015, 02:43:54 PM
My brain just blew up. This is too early for me to comprehend what in the hell is happening. I...ah...yeah! I'll be trying some new titles!

The only thing that gets at me-and any nerd fans-is 'story trumps continuity.'

Now, that can be a bunch of things. It can be a bit of the (once) Marvel thought with Bendis doing whatever he wanted in the 90s, and that was "just read and enjoy it, baby!" Which, I've rather grown to adopt myself as well. I try to stay more in the moment, versus saying that this event already happened in a comic in 1993.

Or....hell, I don't even know how to explain an Or. I told ya; too early for me!!! That said, yes, I will try and give some support to the offbrand titles just to see how they go!

Title: Re: Mini-Relaunch titles!!
Post by: Perry on February 06, 2015, 03:45:00 PM
Okay, some thoughts on some things -

On the cancellation side
Green Lantern Corp and Red Lanterns - About time. Especially for Red Lanterns.
Swamp Thing - Not really surprised, but glad it lasted as long as it did.
Batwoman - Kinda surprised they are canceling this one. Thought it was selling, but maybe not.
Batman & Robin and Justice League Dark - Was shocked, but see why now.
All the rest - yeah, no surprise here.

On the new stuff
Batman Beyond - written by Jurgens. I enjoy his art but his writing has left me with mixed feelings. Maybe
Dark Universe - Glad this is still around, with a new name, even it is just a tie-in to Del Toro's stuff.
Dr. Fate - Would have been all over this until I saw one word - Levitz. CRAP! (Still may sneak a peek)
Robin Son of Batman - I love Gleasons art, except for his faces. That just kills it for me (hope this sells)
Green Lantern: Lost Army - Like the team, so ... maybe
Omega Men - Damn, this maybe a non-Batman related title I just have to get.
Constantine - Hmmm, Rossmo has come a long way. Maybe, if they go harder like old John.
Justice League (Something) - Bryan Hitch writing and drawing a JL comic. May have to give this a try.

The rest are just not hitting me. Lots of new names, for Jimmy to find that next big thing  ;), or just teams or characters I have no interest in like; We Are Robin, Red Hood/Arsenal, Starfire ... though glad to see her new look ... Black Canary, Cyborg just don't get my motor running. But more and more keep getting announced, so maybe more later.

Title: Re: Mini-Relaunch titles!!
Post by: Jimmy T on February 06, 2015, 04:19:48 PM
Could Try
Bat-mite: Why not? ;)
Bizarro: Same philosophy
Constantine The Hellblazer: IF it's more like Vertigo John, I'm in
Cyborg: *crosses fingers* THIS could be a reason to finally be a fan of this guy. Hoping for a game-changer
GL Lost Army: Cullen Bunn doing a lot of good things these days. Maybe I get a GL book again
Justice League of America: in trade form
Prez: It's different! I'm curious! The Movement before was a different book that was good!

I'm curious about We are Robin, Robin Son of Batman, Martian Manhunter, and Section 8 (Hitman!!). If only Red Hood/Arsenal was somebody else writing. I'm not a Harley fan at all.

Sad that Paul Pelletier will be done now with Aquaman, but Cullen Bunn is gonna write that then (with art by a McCarthy person)!
Justice League 3001 is just a new name.
I've been thinking of checking out Batman/Superman again, particularly with this 'Superman's Joker' arc.
Green Arrow gets a new team in Ben Percy and Patrick Zircher
Superman gets that new writer. Still Romita though :(

But the rest of my books look to be staying on par.

ALSO: if you bring up the full view of Hitch's JLA cover art, no overlapping hand thing on Superman! He's a big enough artist that they'll let him put whatever presentation he wants for the suit. :D

Title: Re: Mini-Relaunch titles!!
Post by: Perry on February 06, 2015, 05:46:32 PM
Love the Bat-Mite one, but as it is only a 6'er I am not bothering. I will just read it.