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Title: Spider-man 2099 tpbs..from 1992!
Post by: Jimmy T on December 17, 2014, 04:10:49 PM
That's right; the ORIGINAL 2099 stories!

For a Christmas bonus, I used part of my money to buy the 2 trades of PAD's/Rick Leonardi's original work. (Trade 3 comes out next year, actually).

What a blast to return to the original stories. To start; the art. There is a place in my mind where I almost remember the visuals as something different than is what is presented on the page. Leonardi's art is a loose, sketched work that is reminiscent of Frank Miller's work on 'The Dark Knight Returns' (but in a period before his Sin City work where he really took his shape and craft into abstract caricatures of anatomical form). Leonardi's work on Spidey himself is the greatest draw. While the backgrounds and settings are stark frescoes of lines building form through differing thicknesses of black lines, his Spidey shines as a form that manipulates perspectives and body positioning with an intoxicating ease. Not to mention that this variant Spidey costume is so eye-catching, it still stands as my 3rd favorite design all time (behind Venom and Original suit; naturally). He does alot with little line work; he is no Image crafted artist, that is for sure, with his blatant non-use of cross hatching and other effluvial line markings.

The writing...holds up rather well. Better than many other 90's or 80's works that is, for sure! The only slight I have is the need that all characters are so very flippant in all remarks. Tyler Stone getting choked by some super mutant makes him immediately think and question 'It must my cologne that attracts these superheroes!' Definitely eye-rolling, and groan-worthy, but when one compares PAD's writing to the writing of the '2099 Unlimimted' writer with his 3 issues included in the trades? Oh man, those issues are terrible!

But David's writing shows how Stone manipulates, how O'Hara broods and angers, how Lyla is feeling yet a computer, how Gabe is a putz, but quick on the uptake.

After a year of titles, I see little in how Spider-man 2099 has really taken it to Alchemax, but the writing agenda in those days, while not decompressed, allowed for more imagination of how the affects of characters had on the world around them instead of being told in all details how they impacted every panel or storied line.

I enjoy. A bunch.

Now to see if I can find the rare and somewhat costly Complete Doom 2099 by Warren Ellis! A little jealous of Nate for finding/having all the issues after some good hunting!

Title: Re: Spider-man 2099 tpbs..from 1992!
Post by: Wringer on December 17, 2014, 09:02:51 PM
great recap and an equally great series.  While the current series is not as good, i am enjoying as well...and Rick even did a fill-in for issue 5 (i think)

As for Doom...that is also an excellent storyline...i believe i have all the issues and am willing to part with them if you need/want them.  typically at $1 a book.

If interested i will have to check my inventory as i attending my local ComicCon again this year and sold close to 4 boxes of stuff.   It was a fun little show and i got to have nice long talks with Tom Lyle, Jume Bringham, Bob Mcleod, Javier Saltares and Howard Mackie.(will try and remember to post pix)