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Title: Constantine
Post by: Perry on December 03, 2014, 09:02:02 PM
Slight spoilers below

Wow, just noticed there wasn't a topic for this.

Basically just an "eh ... it's okay" kinda show but just got through watching the episode from two weeks back and was so damn happy to see Jim Corrigan!! And then ... towards the end ... the Green glow and the bullet holes? Hell yeah.

I know the production has been halted for this show and thus its cancellation is about 99% inevitable and to be honest ... not much of a loss even though they finally got the right actor portrayal for Constantine (YAY!!) the show itself just isn't that memorable or captivating. Even with Pappa Midnight  ;D

Still, I will be sad to see this one go but damn it was nice seeing that Spectre. Kinda  ;D 

Title: Re: Constantine
Post by: Jimmy T on December 04, 2014, 04:15:55 AM
Yeah, I'm an ep or 2 behind this season (still on the DVR).

I dunno; I thought each week it got a bit stronger each time.

I don't quite know if it will go away. Did you read the open letter the producer wrote? About 'keep watching; we are fine.' He put up the numbers that the show has-how they are beating other numbers of other NBC shows, and that they have climbed through 4 episodes. And that's with being placed in the dead zone spot of Friday night after 9 pm CST.

I'm going to hold out some hope that it will come back. It is NBC, which more or less can be real big morons about their programming.

And I totally buy Matt Ryan as Constantine too. Really dig it!

Title: Re: Constantine
Post by: Jimmy T on January 07, 2015, 02:35:45 PM
So, each week, continuing up and finishing at the Christmas break, I come to find myself actually enjoying this show. Events occur with a bit of a breakneck speed, and due to the nature of the show, John has a lot of expositional narration to do to fill in the audience on the monster of the week.

I make the sudden parallel to Buffy and Supernatural, which only essentially dealt with vampires and demons exclusively in their first season. You mention the same, small info bits you need on the enemy, and just keep going with the established characters. Sure, they had other things in play, too, with their eps, but they didn't always stray too far. Constantine is all over, alot. I'm fine with that, but I can recognize how that can throw others off.

I enjoy it. I'd really like to see it continue past this season. I see how it rates higher than many other shows in it's bracket, or far better than other new shows that have begun as well. And, that it has gone up since the first episode. Wouldn't you think you keep going?

Here's hoping.

Title: Re: Constantine
Post by: Perry on January 07, 2015, 04:35:56 PM
I have to say that I did enjoy it more and more as the episodes went on.

It looks like it MAY survive, but I also don't like that they (corporate big wigs) are thinking about moving it to an earlier time slot, as in 8 PM. That is just not the best idea for this show. I mean, you almost need that 9 PM slot to allow for more harsh themes and actions. Hell even 10 PM would be perfect for this show (Is that where it was? I don't remember now, but the later the better for me, though I can see where they could lose some "live" viewers being that late. But now that they take 3 day DVR viewings into account when counting the viewer stats, it should still be good).

But I just saw the news, and it really has me pumped, that
Mark Margolis (the Uncle in the wheel chair in Breaking Bad)
has joined and will play
Felix Faust.
Really pumped for that as he is one of those DC characters that I know hardly anything about, so it will be nice to see him and then maybe compare with the comics later

Title: Re: Constantine
Post by: Perry on January 31, 2015, 02:44:13 AM
Well I see that the latest episode just recorded and I am reminded that I didn't post about the one prior.

The Felix Faust episode was just not good. Intriguing to start, very, but by the end and by the way they totally screwed up Faust (they made him a "nothing" character for the most part. A joke) it was just not very good.

I did like getting the history of Chas, but I found I am getting kinda tired of Zed as a character.

Eh, guess its for the best as this show will soon be nothing but a memory anyway.

Title: Re: Constantine
Post by: Jimmy T on February 01, 2015, 05:53:51 AM
More than likely, you are right on the nose with that thought, Perry.

I don't think it'll be on for a second season. The dynamic of this trio being a full team is what sits a little odd with me.

That, and I've read 30 issues recently of Hellblazer, and well, the NBC version is fine...but he's not true Constantine. ;)

But I've still enjoyed the show.

Title: Re: Constantine
Post by: Perry on February 01, 2015, 01:16:10 PM
Did you like the interpretation of Faust though? He seemed misused with me. They showed his power, but the cahracter just wasn't there. I now you have to make John the "more powerful" as his name is on the show  ;D, but they just seemed to use Faust like your standard, everyday, humdrum magic user. That is what troubled me. He could have been a grand challenge yet he was bested by the side-kick?

(Don't get me wrong, it was cool how he did it)  ;D

Title: Re: Constantine
Post by: Jimmy T on February 01, 2015, 03:30:02 PM
OH Faust was an utter disappointment. All those soul powers and he does nada? Bah. Chas getting the upper hand was a smart, keen move, however. But as a threat, he just seemed a pathetic old man. No crescendo of rising action there; he was all limp noodles.

Title: Re: Constantine
Post by: Jimmy T on February 17, 2015, 09:54:42 PM
Rather ended with a sputter. Considering I'm reading the Ennis run currently on Hellblazer, this show was a nice wetting of the whistle of John, but the real Constantine is in the <old> comics.