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Title: Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens
Post by: Perry on November 29, 2014, 05:57:35 AM
(Well, the short teaser trailer is here)

Most have already seen it I am sure, but if not click HERE ( immediately !!!! And then come back and talk about it. Don't read more, just click!!

My favorite things (spoiler hidden in-case there are people that don't want to watch the trailer for spoiler reasons)

1- The awesome look of those X-Wings flying over water. OVER WATER!!! Looked awesome
2- The flame feel of the Lightsaber. The energy looks more realistic. Plus love the sword look  :)
3- The sounds. Yes, the sounds. One of the most important aspect of Star Wars to me (loved the TIE Fighter sound every since I first heard it. Also loved the sounds most of those Pod Racers in Episode 1 (YUK). And here we get a blast of that Land Speeder echoing across the sand (Tatooine ?)

One thing I wasn't too fond of or one thing I may have changed, so close to the release of the Avengers movie ... they should not have opened with such a rough voice narrative. Almost seems to copy the Ultron dialog and foreboding element surrounding the plot. Not a drastic thing to "internet hate" on  ;D, but still kinda bothered me.

EDIT - Also, not a true spoiler, I also really like how they set the "camera" to lag behind the Falcon like that. Really throws the visuals into a crazy loop, having the falcon turn faster than the camera can/does looks really powerful even though it is just a simple spin and turn.

Gonna blow episodes 1, 2 and ... well 3 wasn't too bad ... gonna blow them away!!!! YAY !!! Can't wait!!!!