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Title: Hitler is mad at DC
Post by: Perry on June 10, 2014, 05:54:51 PM
After posting the Outhouse article, I came across this little gem that I somehow missed.

A clip originally from the movie "Downfall" showing a very irate Hitler, it has been ... or once was, an internet sensation for creating funny videos from everything from the Cowboys to Elections to baked beans. Well the Outhouse has their own spin on it and it is one that not only relays my exact thoughts on DC's ridiculous moves over the past few years (like making the nu52 from the mold of the 90's), but also Jimmy's anger at them as well.

I don't mean to associate Jimmy's anger over DC's 52 with the evil that is Hitler, but ... well ... I can kind of see Jimmy being behind this desk and making this speech.

Edit - And for those that don't know, much like the sign you will see in any warehouse, representing how many days since their last accident, the Outhousers keep a counter of how many days has gone by since DC has done something stupid. That is what the "... they should reset the counter" part means

Title: Re: Hitler is mad at DC
Post by: Jimmy T on June 17, 2014, 06:04:32 PM
HA! Always love these things. :D