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Post by: Jeff on May 22, 2014, 11:39:46 AM
Is anyone else picking this up?


Starlight #1
(W) Mark Millar (A) Goran Parlov (CA) John Cassaday Forty years ago, Duke McQueen was the space hero who saved the universe. But then he came back home, got married, had kids and grew old. Now his children have left and his wife has passed away, leaving him alone with nothing except his memories... until a call comes from a distant world asking him back for his final and greatest adventure. This issue launches the much-anticipated Millarworld Universe. Get in on the start of something MASSIVE! Cover price $2.99.

Issue #2
Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz. Written by Mark Millar. Art by Goran Parlov. Duke McQueen once saved an alien world from destruction - but it happened in a place nobody believes in, during a time nobody remembers. Surrounded by memories of his late wife and his happier past, Duke's days as a hero are long gone...or so he thinks! Now, a young visitor from the world Duke once saved is coming to him with a desperate plea for help. It's one last chance at adventure for Duke, and another chapter to unfold in the ever-expanding Millarworld Universe! Cover price $2.99.

Issue #3
Written by Mark Millar. Art and Cover by Goran Parlov. Duke and his young companion begin their first adventure together! To the people of Tantalus, Duke is a hero and savior. Now, he's their last chance to vanquish the new menace that has invaded the peace-loving world he left behind. But four decades have passed: Duke's not the young man he once was, and the enemy he faces is more powerful than anything he faced in the good old days. The stakes are raised, and the weight of Duke's own conscience might be his heaviest burden yet! 28 pages, full color. Cover price $2.99.

This is a fun book.  Think Flash Gordan after he has been away for 40 years.  Invincible and Kick Ass fans will like this.  It has a similar feel.

Thumbs up from me and I'm enjoying it so far.

Post by: Perry on May 22, 2014, 12:39:14 PM
Hearing great things.

A "soon to be on my shelf" comic  ;)

Post by: Tokyo Vigilante #1 on June 05, 2014, 01:26:35 AM
Looks great and I dig the new take on the retro sci-fi hero... but I've kept my distance from Millar's work since the first few issues of Kick Ass.

Glad he's successful, but his work doesn't speak to me.  It's like I "get the formula," if you will.

Maybe I'll try this one in the trade.  The art looks beautiful.