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Post by: Perry on February 16, 2014, 11:24:16 PM
Issue #1

HA. Leave it to a lawyer to take a book about a lawyer and make it interesting.
Jenn getting fired from her job because she is not using her connections to bring costumed heroes in as clients? HAHA. Yeah, that's good. Then Jenn helping a widow to sue Stark? Okay, sure, that sounds cool ... but the reason this widow is suing is because her husband was a villain and Stark stole some of his weapon tech? Oh hell yeah, awesome!

Great use of this character. This book strongly celebrates both the heroic persona and the professional one of this character, while not forgetting the female side. 

Sadly, while I can appreciate what the artist is doing, the art is just not to my liking. Luckily, that really doesn't kill this book. It doesn't strengthen it ... and perhaps it even weakens it to some readers, but it doesn't kill it. Still, points must be deducted because I am just not a fan of the art. so ...

7 outta 10 - Lawyers that work for Stark named "Legal" ("I am neither bad nor good, I am simply Legal") ;D

Title: Re: SHE-HULK
Post by: Perry on March 08, 2014, 03:28:22 PM
Issue #2

Ouch. What the writing was able to do last issue, it was not able to do on this one. Make-up for the over stylized art that I am not a fan of my eyes baring witness to. I can appreciate the layouts, the artist does know what they are doing, it is just that I don't enjoy the end result. It is like seeing some of my friends early attempts at comic art back in Jr. High. While this artist knows structure and flow, the style is just too rough. It is just too much for me.

Last issue I thought that Soule was able to overcome my distaste of the art by having a very strong story. Well, sadly the story, for me, is not as strong in this issue (though I am very interested in the next) and the art was more at the forefront with this issue than last.

Again, not a horrible artist, just not one my eyes enjoy or can relate to. Marvel is trying to grab the "Daredevil/Hawkeye" art style but ... it's just not working here. I am not alone in my feelings about this art and it is sadly going to be the ruin of this book that had a short life span planned anyway I believe.

Sorry Charles ...

(Edit) 4 outta 10 - head-shakes of disappointment

Title: Re: SHE-HULK
Post by: Jeff on March 08, 2014, 04:09:40 PM
So when I picked up issue 1 & 2 at the LCS the guy at the register told me he loved this series and said its like the Hawkeye series.  What do you think about that comparison?

Title: Re: SHE-HULK
Post by: Perry on March 08, 2014, 04:33:07 PM
So when I picked up issue 1 & 2 at the LCS the guy at the register told me he loved this series and said its like the Hawkeye series.  What do you think about that comparison?

A very good comparison in tone and plot. Basically a tale of a hero's life away from the battlefield.

If you can get past the art, or if you enjoy the art as some do, you should have no problem enjoying this series. I plan on reading it until it ends as I am a huge Charles Soule fan, but the art is just painful at times ... for me.

However, that said, I am going to go back and give the last issue an additional point, as I was just reminded of the monkey. A very important part of future issues I can tell.

Title: Re: SHE-HULK
Post by: Jeff on March 24, 2014, 04:03:06 PM
Finally got around to reading Issue's 1 & 2.  Enjoyed the story in both - hated the art.  Well, hate is really the wrong word.  It's just not for me.  I can see how some folks will like it - probably the Alred crowd - but for me it was distracting and cartoonish.

Haven't decided yet if the art will keep me off the book or not but I will say it was fun to read.

Title: Re: SHE-HULK
Post by: Perry on April 06, 2014, 05:10:02 PM

Okay, the art is still not for me. Sorry Pulido, it's just not. But even with art that I am struggling to get through, this remains a very fun title.

I will say that Soule kinda let me down a little with this issue though. Nothing major, but just more of my own anal quirks that bug me. Well one of them doesn't really count as being an anal quirk as I just feel the ending of this issue was a bit rushed. It needed about another page to get this right. Instead, we are rushed through to an ending that well ... felt rushed (You can see why I am not a writer, yeah?). I mean we have a pretty major "flip" in decision here that needed more time. Even though yes, I know the rushed decision was a way to show the power involved ... the power of Doom, but ... eh, it just felt too rushed. (yes, my vocabulary is astounding)

But the one that falls into that anal category, as it is structurally just a bad thing to do, is poor panel progression. There is one panel where Shulkie and Doom Jr (yes, I have forgotten his name already) are in line to order coffee. They are about 5th in line and Shulkie asks Kristoff a question. Hey, Kristoff ... I remembered. Anyway, they are about 5th in line when the question is asked and then the next panel he answers, but they are now walking in a park. WTF? Come on Soule, can we get a little bit of timing here? Yes, those little things irk the hell out of me. Could Jennifer not have asked the question as they were leaving the coffee shop? Same panel, but instead of them in line, show them walking past the line? Then, the next scene in the park would make much more sense timing wise. As it reads now the question is asked and then there is total silence from them for at least 5 minutes ... hell, maybe more knowing some coffee shops like I do.

Anyway, aside from those two warranted gripes  :D, it was still a fun issue. Not a pretty issue, but a fun one.

Still taking points off for art -
6 outta 10 Doombots getting past customs  ;D