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Post by: Perry on November 27, 2013, 02:52:34 PM
This is gonna be a good one, folks. Yes, it is a relatively slow burn, as most issues ones tend to be, but this has so much meat on its bones, I can be eating on this for years.

What if Money Penny was a bad ass? Oh yeah. Got to see more of this. Love the espionage type stories? love the Fleming books or Bond films? This is for you.

I also really like that this is set in the 70's ... when spies had to be spies.

Don't think I can trade wait for this one, like I do with most of the good Image titles. This has the potential to be a double buy for me. Buying both the monthlies and the HC/trade. Though I will wait for one more issue to set my destiny there.

Title: Re: VELVET
Post by: Jeff on November 27, 2013, 07:23:06 PM
I'm doing something similar with Morning Glories.  I buy monthly because I don't want to wait then buy the Omnibus in HC.  My monthlies go up on eBay and sell pretty well.

As for Velvet, this is a great comic. It's definately going to be on the list for a long while.  Perry is right that this will be a good read for years and the 70's is a great time frame for it.