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Title: Robocop, a Personal Review of the Entire Series
Post by: EmeraldWarrior420 on July 14, 2013, 12:03:39 PM
So I just watched through the Robocop series. I had seen the original Robocop before, but never the sequels.


Fan-freaking-tastic movie that stands the test of time (well except for maybe the "futuristic cars", just spray-painted Taurus's lol).


A great story about a world oppressed by mega-corporations. And a personal story of a man trying to let go of his past. Lots of great action, some great dialogue, a dark-oppressive atmosphere that compliments the film perfectly, and a great sense of dark humor. And you get to see Red Forman from That 70s Show as a complete bad-ass.

The story follows the police department of Detroit in the near future. Large corporations now pretty much run the nation, and crime is at an all time high. Cops are underpowered, underpaid, and underappreciated. Officer Murphy is mercilessly gunned down in the line of duty. This is the final straw and cops across the city go on strike. Admists this strike, criminals take control of the city, and unbeknownst to many, some officers in the large Corporation of OCP are orchestrating some of the crime in order to sell weaponry and robotics to the Detroit police. One such endevour is Robocop. They use the remains of officer Murphy to create a cyborg of nearly unstoppable power. Robocop then uses his power to clean up the streets of Detroit and take down the crooked officers of OCP; all the while trying to fight the emotions of a past life that haunts his memories.

Any fan of action films, sci-fi films, and just generally dark films needs to see this if you already haven't.

Robocop 2:

DEAR GOD this is a terrible film. How could such a complete turd follow-up the first film? The villain is a freaking 11 year old kid, for crying out loud. Yeah, that's got to have a bullet-proof, computer-operated, killing machine shaking in his silver booties. Bad dialogue, the dark sense of humor is completely gone, and just cheesy-as-hell scenes. Pass this one up at all costs.

Basically the story is about a new drug being pushed across New Detroit. It's the single most addictive substance ever created and causes a wave of crime across the city because people will do anything to get money for the drug. The kid I mentioned earlier is the main pusher of this drug and running it all. Robocop must take him down and his gang of thugs.

Robocop 3:

It doesn't stand up to the masterpiece that was the original film, but it was still better than Robocop 2, despite some gaps in logic in the story. It's still missing that great dark sense of humor that the first film had. But at the same time, it did bring back the dark atmosphere that gave the original film it's distinct look and feel. And the action was definetly better than Robocop 2. Just a decent mindless action film. And it was written by Frank Miller of Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns, and Daredevil fame; no joke!

The story follows the average citizens of New Detroit. They're being forced from their homes by OCP who has just "purchased" the city. As they're forced to comply, some stand against the forced removal and form a band of rebels to fight them. In the chaos, a small boy is separated from his parents and the band of rebels rescue him. Robocop is also damaged and the rebels rescue him as well. The boy is also obsessed with robotics and as a result forms a bond with the damaged robot, even going as far as repairing the damages and unlocking the feelings of the man underneath. The Detroit Police are then drafted into service by OCP to help force people out of their homes. The Detroit Police refuse and join the side of the rebels and all out war ensues.