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Title: Wolverine NOW
Post by: Perry on November 21, 2012, 09:43:43 AM
(This not a thread for the Cho SAVAGE WOLVERINE that already exists, but the adjective-less WOLVERINE by Cornell and Davis.)

Okay, I am here for this one. Yes Logan, the most overused character in comics, has yet another comic to shine in but this time, I am picking it up. Davis on art is a nice draw (haha, get it?) as I love his composition, but I do tend to not enjoy his faces, but Cornell is the real pull here for me. I have enjoyed everything I have read from him and most everyone else has enjoyed the stuff I have not read from him.

Giving it a shot as long as it stays a solo story like the old WOLVERINE book (remember how fun that use to be?) and as long as it doesn't mix in with those other mutant titles.