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Title: Xmen Match Ups
Post by: sinisteri on September 03, 2012, 03:49:56 PM
Got to thinking,

In a recent XFactor letter column, Peter David commented on writing character's powers as an extention of the character's personality. Polaris as bipolar as a key example. Overall, I love Polaris's history with her identity issues, Malice possession, the intrigue of sisterhood with Zaladane(Dane is her adopted name, but who is to say Zala was not adopted as well then lost at young age), and her bipolar condition. I often think the characters personalities and powers are not explored enough anymore. It was part of the magic that Claremont stories had-- read any of them and you feel the exploration and journey of the characters.

I have mentioned before and will say again-- I would love to see a full on story filled with heavy one on one battles with Storm and Selene(never stays dead or gone). They are natural opposites as Storm is nature and and Selene is death. To my point above, Selene has failed to be depicted in the last few years animating inaminate objects or really using low level telepathic skills(despite retcon where she mindwiped Emma to prevent Emma betraying Sebastion siding with Namor-- Selene was never that powerful of a telepath).

So I would love to see Storm vs Selene, Scarlet Witch vs Magik, Iceman vs anyone(his fully exercised power as shown by Emma and one in a while by him is truly phenomenal with the right imagination behind it). He should be clos to a Phoenix level threat.

I would also still like to see Magneto and Sinister's past explored from the hints in the last Excalibur series where Sinister worked in the same concentration camps where Magneto grew up.

Other confilcts that have not been seen? Anyone?

Title: Re: Xmen Match Ups
Post by: jordan6 on September 05, 2012, 11:49:10 AM
I would like to see the battle between Logan and Jimmy his brother. They began the fight and stopped to join forces against what's his name (blacked out!).