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Title: the DCnU thread...
Post by: Gay Titan on July 28, 2011, 11:40:59 AM
I thought a separate thread would be nice for non-#1 info.

DCnU, Diversified: The New Justice League Atom is Ryan Choi

One of the stated goals of DC's September relaunch is to add more diversity to the publisher's line, and Jim Lee backed that up during his "DC Focus" panel on Saturday with news that the Atom in the Justice League title he's illustrating will be Ryan Choi, a character born in Hong Kong in his original iteration and described by Lee as Korean.

Choi is currently deceased in the existing DC continuity, so how and if that will be dealt with -- and whether or not the classic Atom, Ray Palmer, has a place in the DC Universe post-Flashpoint -- remains to be seen.