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Title: THE WALKING DEAD #77 ***Spoilers***
Post by: G:The Last Man on October 01, 2010, 03:04:59 PM
Issues such as these is why I love this series.

Rick gets a reality check by Carl....and is "off the hook" hopefully!  (Couldn't resist the pun!)

In separate soap opera moments....Andrea and Glenn strengthen relationships.

Then......The guy caught for beating on his wife seeks retribution, kills the wrong person, and gets himself blasted.....Love how Rick was given the okay to squeeze the trigger!

And in doing so, they alerted the hostile survivors and zombies alike to their location!!!!

In a unrelated matter, I have been a big fan of the tv reality experiment show "The Colony" on Discovery channel......what I learned in these types of post-apocalyptic events is that isolation is the key to survival in widespread pandemics.  

Relating it back to TWD, is that they don't know how to stay in one place for long without messing it up somehow!!!!  Gotta love it!

Title: Re: THE WALKING DEAD #77 ***Spoilers***
Post by: Jeff on October 03, 2010, 04:05:53 AM
Good issue.  Looks like we're getting the setup for how things will end here.  Because these things alays end badly.