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Author Topic: New reading/buying list?  (Read 373 times)
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« on: March 19, 2020, 06:31:45 AM »

Pardon this post, but gonna try and keep track of the titles I am willing/going to pay for and those that I am going to let slide to the MU/DCU reading list. It is going to be hard, as there are some titles I really can't (don't want to) wait for as well as some I just want to try. But there is the issue, I need to stop trying new titles that hit from the big two and I find that very hard to do. But I need to do that, yet I still put some titles on this list of "not waiting for" that are new  Undecided Grin

Anyway, just ignore this post as it truly is just a way for me to keep track here of what I am trying to do
It will be updated and revamped many times before it is all over. I am sure.
 Roll Eyes

Undecided from the Big Two -

Fantastic Four - Now THAT is sad for me to say, but it just isn't worth the price right now  Cry
Savage Avengers - Not on MU due to Conan and I am, surprisingly, enjoying it so not sure yet
Ghost Rider - I enjoy the hell out of it, but can I wait? Maybe?
Hellions - Going to try the 1st issue this coming week, then we will see
X-Factor - Same here
Wolverine - Should I try 1 more time? I do enjoy the artist and I like Omega Red
Avengers of the Wasteland - Man, this is good!!! But again, can't I wait for this? I'm not sure  Cheesy
Star Wars related stuff - Pretty sure I can wait on this stuff, but I get a hair up my butt sometimes

Batman - Just like the F.F, this is hard to even think about waiting for, but ...
Detective Comics - Repeat of what I just said
Suicide Squad - Man, this is hard. This is such a good title
Jimmy Olsen - Been getting this and saving it up but surely this can wait?
Death Metal - DC's upcoming event. Part 2 of Snyder and Cupullo's Metal. I don't know ...
Justice League Dark - New writer, so I may try one issue.

And now I got to go, so will edit the rest later

EDIT 1 -
Okay, so now I am going through the going to NOT wait for ... or at least what I think it will be ..

Not going to wait for (from the big two)  Grin

Conan the Barbarian - As this isn't an MU option and I am a big fan of Conan, this is an obvious one  Grin
King Conan - Or whatever the newest King Conan title by Aaron will be called and for the same reason above
Dr. Strange - One of my favorite characters, so ...
Strange Academy - Along with Suicide Squad, one of my favorite new titles. No brainer
Thor - Another favorite characters gets a few more issues at least
X-Men - Hickman. To borrow a phrase, 'Nuff said
Marauders - A title that really, really turned around after #1
X-Men/FF - Only two more issues and I have committed
Tarot - Only 1 issue left
Punisher: Soviet - Only 1 issue left and yeah, Garth Ennis doing Punisher  Smiley

Strange Adventure - 12 issue maxi, only 11 left  Grin
All of the Joe Hill Imprint horror comics (also only 11 total issues left)
Last God - A (DC produced) dark fantasy? All over it. Just holding the issues as it won't be on DCU
Constantine: Hellblazer - As this will not also be on the DCU  Undecided
The Batman's Grave - 6 issues remain in this story by Warren "Perry will always buy from me" Ellis
The Question - Only two issues left
DCeased: Unkillables- 1 issue left
DCeased: Dead Planet - Can't stop this great series of mini-series!!
3 Jokers - Because Jeff Johns  Grin

So that is about 17 titles a month, but 8 of those are mini-series, and 5 of those only have an issue or two left total, so that isn't too bad. About 10 titles or about $40 a month? Heck, if the DCU would allow the Black Label stuff, it would be less. So maybe that will happen.

I could probably move the Marauders out of the "buy" column and into the "wait" if it came to it ... man ... I don't know. This is hard. I hope the wife will want about $50 a month on clothing or whatever so we can call it an even swap and wash this out
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