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News: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - March 25, 2022
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Author Topic: Jimmy's BIG DUMP  (Read 1765 times)
Jimmy T
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« on: February 09, 2018, 09:58:03 AM »

Yup, I'm going to make something all about me here. Can't help it; I just haven't been able to be real regular, so instead of clogging up the weekly action, I'm going to nail all of it here. Please pick out anything you like and chat it up!!

MARVEL UNLIMITED (so yes, 6 months behind)

Deadpool 32-34 - I AM CAUGHT UP!! I have read and caught up on all prime DP reading since the character's inception. AND I AM A FAN OF THE MERC!! Truly am. Gary Duggan has done great work over the last 4 years with this character. Watching the drama and the risks Wade has taken over the last 3 months with SE (yes, 6 months behind;) ) has been great to read. I actually reacommend reading Deadpool. Ask me where to start so you just don't think he's a lame one-off joke character.

Cable 2-3 - I usually just love to see inked Carlos Pacheco art. I'm beginning to think he can't make a deadline for a monthly anymore, since all of the first 3 pages have been mostly big splash art pages, single panel actions, and barely more than 4 panels to a page. Coupled with a story that is essentially only the first paragraph of a prologue to a book stretched out over 3 issues, I think I'm quitting this before it gets going. Robinson, WTF man!!

Iron Fist 5-6 - dig me some kung fu action. Great to see Mike Perkins doing some solid pencilling, and like Perry says, keep an eye on Ed Brisson!!

Spider-man 18-19 - in between the extreme navel gazing going on with the 'woe is me, I fight alot' Miles, some decent conversations but no forward movement with his parents fighting, there is a good story happening with Hammerhead and gang activity. Again, just..waiting for it to get along. Go somewhere. Do something. Here's hoping that DC editors can make Bendis get the lead out. He may have been a big deal at Marvel, but he's got something to prove at DC.

Weapon X 5-6, Awesome Hulk 21 - this whole WMD storyline...I know where it's going...and I think I'll hate it when I get there!! Also, Amadeus Cho is incredibly stupid when trying to rationally argue with those who are emotionally bankrupt before what has happened to them. He has done some incredibly (heh) short sighted things, and allowed himself to be blinded to who he is working with.

Defenders 3- for a Bendis book, this feels like it is moving pretty fast! Enjoying this, and wondering all about the return of Copperhead here (psst, I think he returned in the show, so that means the comics will do it too!!) :p

Old Man Logan 26 - while I feel that the half-life of this property's interest is fast drying up, I do enjoy the weird time displaced antagonists that are occurring here. A cool use of history and crossing over and around time, so I'm enjoying the ride here!!

Amazing Spider-man 30 - again, Doc Ock is correct in all things as it pertains to Peter's failures. 'You think you could build this company up? You think you spurred on all this technological genius? You think you had all this financial success? This all happened in spite of you, moron!' So, at least Slott does recognize that Peter is a damned moron about mostly everything he does. But I'm excited to see Slott's time coming to an end!!!

Ultimates 2 9 - so, the art is trash, but man, I love me this big story and cosmic shifts and changes! So cool!! If only he could bring Genis Vell back for me too!! Go Ewing!!

PP: Spectacular Spider-man - A weird book that I have a hard time to get my mind to wrap around. It just seems to ..silly, and ultimately, irreverent as a read.

Luke Cage 3 - love Walker's character building of Luke Cage.

Astonishing X-men 1 - the only X book I am currently reading. A fine first start. Good last splash page!

baby awake edit later

Mighty Thor 21 - sooooo good! Can't wait for 3 Thors to all get together! Can't wait to see how this epic work ends!! I know Perry hasn't enjoyed seeing Goldilocks gone so long, but I feel it was done so very well here.!!

Daredevil 23-24 - this DD book just continues to always be a solid read, a good read, but never one I call home about or tell from the mountains. I love the legal push that is coming, and that risk does seem to have some
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Jimmy T since 2001
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« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2018, 12:15:01 PM »

Spider-man 18-19

Had to finally give up on this title as it started to feel like Bendis ... had run dry(?) with Miles. Maybe editorial jumped in because he is leaving. Maybe? I may jump back in (if I have time) and catch the last 3 or 4 issues to see how Bendis ends the character he created.

Mighty Thor 21 - sooooo good! Can't wait for 3 Thors to all get together! Can't wait to see how this epic work ends!! I know Perry hasn't enjoyed seeing Goldilocks gone so long, but I feel it was done so very well here.!!

Oh I do miss my Thor (will miss him more if he doesn't get his hair back  Undecided) but I can't find fault with you here. The entire She-Thor has been stellar. Easily a top ten title ... out of the 400 or so monthly that are published. Easily
Just wait for a few more issues!!!!

And hey, the first issue of Dr. Strange by Donny Cates ... you all must read it!!! All you MU guys!!!!

"I do not have OCD. I know. I've checked. Three or four hundred times and I definitely don't. I stopped myself from catching it by washing my hands an even number of times"
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Jimmy T
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« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2018, 09:00:51 PM »

Spider-man 2099 25 - ya know, I complained a bunch about where this book seemed to spiral into a bunch of...I want to use the word nonsense, but I don't. Not junk either, but it went to a place of...non-interesting. However, I feel it cleaned up rather well in the final 2 issues, and gave me an ending I enjoyed, in a manner that was reminiscient of the PAD I have enjoyed for oh so very long.

Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider 4-5 - again, more PAD actually! I just like Kaine. I also like the fun absurdity of having 2 other non-Peter Parker Peter Parkers running around. (also, there is another Peter Parker yet in Doc Ock running around-good lord!!!). That said, it's cool, so very cool, to see Bagley at his absolute best, out of the spotlight of the Ultimate Spidey 3x in a month schedule, just doing his good Spidey chops.And the story is coming around for me.

Infamous Iron Man 10 - okay, this issue meandered a little bit into not going anywhere, padding the middle part of the second trade of this book. Let's be honest, that's what this is. Get your butt in gear and write a book, Bendis!

Thanos 9 - continuing on as well, as it has been, with Thanos going to the Witches/Sisters, whoever they are. Can't remember right now in my sleep addled brain.

DC Comics

I can't remember or look up most issue numbers right now, but I think I'm only getting 7-9 books, and most are twice monthly, so it's just impressions from here on out!!

Starting with Priest's stuff:

Deathstroke-oh man, layers on layers of stuff, this shtick with Defiance, truth behind Ikon's suit, Ikon himself and Isherwood, Terra, I have GOT to reread all of this!!

Justice League- this arc with breaking the Bat, the stuff with the Fan, and then the Barry Allen in space just shows me how much better Priest is above SO MANY writers in the details and knowledge he can drop in how people actually respond around each other, as well as mind bombs of explanations!

Action Comics & Hal Jordan & GLC:

I link these two because of seeing the current regime beginning of Zod on his planet New Krypton taking on Lanterns, and how it looks in the future in Action. Great planning! An actual good use of Zod, having him be something other than a 'villain of the arc' to punch, and having him do something independent of the hero stuff. Very cool.
Also, shouldn't Superman remember Booster a bit from the prior universe? Actually, check that, I think when the Supermans merged, that the old version of Supes had  a hard time remembering past reality as he was settled firmaly into the firmament of this reality.

Superman- Cancer kids in space is a winner. The times with Gleason and Tomasi taking the book to just great one stand alones that deliver are very special to me.

Wonder Woman- I hate more and more each issue that Jason is alive, and not retconned away. I am more and more on the side of 'this is something terribly damaging for the mythos of the Wonder Woman franchise.' Him being there adds some odd form of ...dependency? on the character of Diana to take care of him. Like, instead of her being her, she's now shackled as 'Princess Diana...and Jason.' Don't dilute the property!

Mister Miracle- rather knew that was how issue 6 was going to deliver. I just truly hope that this will all deliver once its said and finished. I know I love King's work on Vision, and there was that Rebirth series with Kyle Rayner I can't remember what it's called...? But many hate his Batman.

Is that all I"m getting from DC? Besides Metal as well? (I talked about that in the thread).

Jimmy T since 2001
Jimmy T
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HR Celestial
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« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2018, 09:25:22 PM »

Oh yeah!

Teen Titans & Super Sons and Superman:

So, I didn't get the Teen Titans issue, and when I read parts 4 & 5, I was truly and utterly confused as all hell. Also, with the initial premise all set up, with the Titans of Tomorrow, I thought some truly awesome stuff was going to happen. I'm going to say that I was hugely disappointed. This suffered from the 'all plot must happen instead of characters explaining what's going to happen with a conversation!'

It ended so fast, and so flat. A big time miss as it resolved. Also, Damien needs waaaaay more comeuppance moments. But I still love the Sons book!

Aquaman - I am still really enjoying this ride through the life in Atlantis. LOVE the fill in artist too. He's a fill in? He's awesome! I hope this look and feel of Atlantis, the city and its peoples, stay a very long time. The only thing I wish would ever be written better is to see this Arthur get over his whiny self notion of 'I didn't ask to be king and have this life wah wah.' The dude accepts so much on his shoulders in so many areas, but is so utterly blind, naive, and well, dumb, to what it takes to be a monarch. It's teeth gnashingly annoying here. Wish it would stop.

Jimmy T since 2001
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