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Author Topic: Star Trek Discovery  (Read 3454 times)
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« Reply #15 on: October 04, 2017, 12:49:59 PM »

I am still baffled that one guy that was pissed off about becoming benched back to second string QB who then decided to pout while sitting on his ass during the anthem and then after getting slammed for doing it, he makes up some buillshit about sitting down in protest about police brutality and that has now turned into such a fervor about standing when the anthem is played.

I am very much a proud American, I salute the men and women that served and continue to do so, but I honestly don't care what people do during the Anthem. Do I stand when I go to sporting events? Sure I do, as do most people, but where is it written that I have to? Nowhere.
You know what IS written? That you shall not put the flag on any merchandise. No napkins, no hats, nothing like that, but look at all the people breaking that rule and no-one is up in arms about that. How about not placing the flag in a horizontal position? Yep, that is also against Flag Code, but at every damn NFL game ... the same game that all these people are booing those people not standing ... they bring out this huge flag and wave it around IN THE FREAKING HORIZONTAL POSITION. Where is the patriotic outcry about that?

And how about this ... how many of us stand in our living rooms when they play the anthem on TV? Yeah, no-one. We sit on our couch, slouched down with one hand down our pants, and the other holding a beer and listen to all the Boos raining in on these people who are at least bending down ... something a military person ask them to do ... while we do worse, bitch about those not standing while we sit on our ass.

That is my onion ... obviously there are a lot of others that are different.

That said, I enjoyed the Star Trek free episode. May join CBS free for a week to try it out.
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