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Author Topic: The Defenders - Season 1  (Read 12120 times)
Jimmy T
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« Reply #45 on: September 21, 2017, 08:15:56 PM »

Ep 8 FINISHED!!!!!

A show certainly with it's warts-but some damned awesome moments too

The way I write this, it's going to sound like I really disliked this series. What I think happens is that as I watched it in a mad rush, its so new, and fun and full of ALL THE THINGS that I like it. As I had to take my time watching the last 3, well, I settle down into seeing it, and well, then my reviewer mind takes over. And I hate my reviewer mind at some times. But I always look way deeply into what I'm doing to see if it's justified to give it my attention.

The ending? Flat. Why? Because it was about Elektra. I'll just say it like that. Matt, whether it's tv or comics, is an utter idiot when it comes to her. Perhaps because it's true love-but that's only from his (blind) POV. It's an element I've never enjoyed, considering with comics, you can see it again and again and again. Being done in the show, with how the character was written and portrayed only made me irritated to watch. Daredevil Sn 2 was nearly unliked by me because of her, and her and Matt's storyline together.

After ep 5, Danny Rand was absolutely f***ing useless to the show. He was a tool, and a plot point that advanced the rising action to the final resolution. That was it. And, his fighting/stunt fighting never improved. DD/Stunt guy was awesome down in the bone caves. Awesome, hard hitting 'real' looking punches, blocks, kicks-just smashed the crap out of anyone he went up against. Now, I get it; Shang Chi is probably the best trained martial artist of the Marvel world, but Iron Fist is no slouch. Oh wait, I'm sorry he his. There was nothing that said even green belt karate about this guy. Daniel Russo could beat Danny, and he wouldn't even need the crane kick. That guy has to improve. They have to improve his kung fu. Get Donny Yen to train him or something. His arms should be a damned blur of improbable blocks and counters. Every fight panel with him is one block and then a punch. He is the least exciting player.

This show always plays a bit with how strong Luke is. Opening the hidden iron doors to the elevator? Have Luke do it. Fight 60 unnamed bad guys, and he bothers with ducking, blocking, and multiple strikes? At less Jessica was always throwing and one-shotting guys all over the place. Not sure why Luke wasn't. That irked me.

I do DO appreciate the cinematography of the circle shot of the group fighting random ninja thugs (how the hell many trips did it take them to all get down the elevator?) That was pretty cool to have the continuously filmed scene occur!

Speaking of elevator, why the hell use it? Random ninjas kept climbing up and getting in it, as if this was the co-op version of Double Dragon 2!! C'mon, what the hell!!  Cheesy

Loved LOVED seeing the character interaction more than anything in this series. From Karen to Foggy to Claire to Misty to Patsy to Drugged Neighbor, all were so damned cool. That made this series live and breathe.



That wall seriously couldn't have been a mystical wall blocking a portal to K'un L'un, sealed by a prior Iron Fist centuries ago, to prevent traitorous Hand people from coming back to steal the bones? No, it's just underneath New York.

Ugh. No more lame ninja shit. Unless Michael Dudeikoff rises up as the next Master of the Hand, leave them well enough alone.

Also, the 'everyone got off scot free with no charges' was such a damned huge stupid pill to swallow, well....damned, you lost some credibility there. No offense Marvel Netflix, you did!!

I really am so glad this got made. I'm so glad to have watched it. I'm so glad that this was able to happen!

On to Punisher!!!

Jimmy T since 2001
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