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Author Topic: Deadpool  (Read 1996 times)
HR Vigilante
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« on: February 26, 2016, 10:19:48 PM »

So, Deadpool has been doing obscenely well in the box office.  Did you guys see it?  What did you guys think?

Personally, I thought the movie was really good.  Lots of fun.  Has it changed my opinion about the character?  No... I still don't understand the appeal, but I will say, Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool.

Is it the best superhero film?  No... there was some pacing issues especially in the middle of the film, but it is one of the most entertaining films I've seen.

I've been suffering from some horrible writer's block so I think I'm going to try and write up a movie review for myself just to try and shake off the cobwebs but, at least for now, that's what I think about the movie.
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Jimmy T
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« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2016, 07:14:01 AM »

I really enjoyed it alot.

The overly romantic part of the movie I felt was an intriguing angle to follow (particularly how it started as , well, an afternoon out with a prostitute, ), but then the "I would do anythng for love" brought it down a bit for me.

ESPECIALLY in the middle, krono, you are right. From when he gets strapped down on the table to when he walks away, all scarred up, from Vanessa in the street, is super boring. The fight with Ajax in the flames had no tension, no excitement, nothing. We'd already seen that Ajax can take a beating and still live (as seen by his strength show at the gun sale, and again on the freeway when he was taken down and escaped), so showing Ajax was more or less Wade's match -again-in a flashback was redundant. We also knew that Wade wouldn't win, but we've already been shown that Wade heals through anything. So again, a redundancy in the scene to show Wade can come through anything. I would have cut the fight entirely, and just shown Wade leaving the burnt, smoking ruins, while healing from the fire.

For me, when watching on blu ray, I'm skipping this middle portion. Because, after his talk with Weasal, and how he starts designing his suit and hunting cronies, the movie didn't miss any more beats after that.

I think Colossus & Co. was just included to add more people that 'Pool could bounce dialogue off of, because otherwise the movie would be a bit empty. I mean, Angel, the cypher bad super strong chick was an empty character. But, at least I got to see Colossus again. Even if his arms were too short and hands too small.  Angry

I wouldn't say that "yeah, I'm a Deadpool fan that was always waiting for the movie!" but there have been works that I've really enjoyed reading of his. Do I think its ridiculous right now with his publishing output? Yeah, but, if that makes them money, they're gonna do it!

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