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Author Topic: FAMM  (Read 1399 times)
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« on: February 28, 2014, 09:38:16 AM »

(Yes, a day early, but ...)


Writer – Gerry Conway
Pencil – Ross Andru
Inks – F. Giacoia / D. Hunt
Colors – P. Goldberg
Editor – Roy Thomas

Appearances :
Villains – Hammerhead, The Jackal, Doc Ock and 7 various lackeys
Heroes – Spider-Man and Human Torch
Others – Aunt May, Mary Jane and J.Jonah Jameson

Summary :
Okay, this issue, like most during this time, is a weird one. Lots of unrealistic dialog and events that just make the oldies sometimes hard to read. However having said that and now that I made it through the issue, the fun is starting to shine through the memory banks already. Pure nostalgia for the past, mainly, but still, fun.

We start with Spidey, while on patrol, coming across four Hammerhead goons trying to walk their way to a skyscraper to install some unknown device or weapon. Yes, they are walking through the city. HAHA. Why? Well why not? They come out of the sewers some 3 blocks away from their target, dressed in full color yellow jumpsuits and expect to walk across New York without being noticed. Ahhh, the 70’s.

Spidey stops them but alas, three men get away. Luckily Spidey was able to tackle the fourth member but when questioning him, that fourth lackey has his brain “shorted out” by some unknown force. Great Spidey interrogation!!  Shocked
We then see Hammerhead and the Jackal having a pissing contest (the second appearance of the Jackal by the way … who is very important to that “great” Clone Saga don’tcha know). The Jackal works ole Hammer up to a tizzy, as per his plan of course, and they part ways.

Next, Spidey heads to the Baxter Building, home of the Fantastic Four and just swings into Johnny Storm’s bedroom. HAHA. No defense alarm or anything. Just swings right in through an open window. (and we can see an AC unit, like those found in motels, underneath Johnny’s window as well. The Baxter Building doesn’t have central heating and air?)

Spidey, for some reason, has asked Storm to make him a car, because, you know, every “spider” has to have a vehicle. BAM … the Spidermobile is born. Nothing says 70’s youth culture like a dune buggy. What is amazing to me is how Johnny had access to Pete’s web fluid, because he even made this buggy have web-shooters.

Peter then goes about almost driving over pedestrians on the sidewalks as he can’t drive for shit. Why else would you ask someone to make you a car? Johnny than asks Peter to park it until he can give Peter some lessons on how to drive. We later see Peter say “Screw safety” as he gets back into this death machine once again.

More comic book back-story stuff happens and then more fighty fighty with the remaining Hammerhead goons with Pete pulling up in the Spideybuggy and spraying web stuff on two of them. Then a fight with the mob boss himself, as Hammerhead shows up and knocks out our beloved Spidey. Pete then awakens later in an alley to see that the cops are trying to tow the Spidermobile, but Peter will have none of that and jumps in it and hauls ass. He then parks it out of sight and as he doesn’t “have a cave” to hide the buggy in, he pushes a button and the buggy transforms into a regular car.  Cheesy

Later, at a Bugle X-Mas party (I told you these things were 3 months ahead) Pete decides to read this envelope he has been carrying around. We, the readers, don’t get to see it, but we see him shocked to read what it says and then sneak out of the party and head to Dr. Octavius’ place to look through the window, only to see Doc Ock marrying his Aunt May!!

Pages (total including cover/story only) – 36/19
Marvel Stamp –#2– Hulk (series A)
Notable – First appearance Spider-Mobile. Month they started Marvel Stamps

Grading (1-10 with 5 being average):
Plot - 5
Art - 6
Cheeze - 8
Importance - 8 (As much as a joke as it was, the Spidermobile is an important part of Spidey lore)
Enjoyment - 5


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