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Author Topic: Missing the art  (Read 740 times)
Just an old man
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« on: November 16, 2013, 07:20:43 AM »

Okay, so you have a current working artist that you really like. You truly love their style. But sadly, they are currently drawing a title that you do not buy (Remember those artists that could draw 2 or 3 titles a month and were great, you guys?). Who's art do you truly appreciate but miss because they are on a title you don't want to buy?

First off, he is not on a an announced title, that I have seen, so he doesn't really qualify for my own question, but as I have a feeling he will be placed on a title I WILL not buy, I am going to say -

Chris Burnham
His work on BATMAN & ROBIN was just astounding. He is a perfect blending of Perez clarity and Kollins extravagance. Damn I hope he draws something I want to add to my pull.

Another artist I am looking forward to, one day, being on a title I buy (or want to buy) is -

Valerio Schitti
His work on JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY, especially his portrayal of Beta Ray Bill, was just incredible to look at. I am willing to jump on a book to see his stuff again, as long as it isn't his current job over on MIGHTY AVENGERS. Just no interest in that.

How about yous' guys?
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