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Author Topic: just have to share this...  (Read 1811 times)
HR Super Hero
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« on: May 13, 2014, 08:34:49 PM »

are any of you guys familiar with a band called The Winery Dogs?  it is a trio made up of Billy Sheehan on bass, Ritchie Kotzen on guitars/vocals and one of my all time favorite drummers, Mike Portnoy on drums (duh  Roll Eyes).

I have been wanting to see them live in the worst way and they actually had 3 shows scheduled within driving distance for me this week and last.  the problem was that 2 of them were scheduled for the same weekend as my daughter's dance competiton in myrtle beach this past saturday and sunday and next weekend on the same day that my other daughter has a chorus concert.  

of course, I had no intention of missing either one of my kids' events so I was a little bummed about it. daughter's dance team ended up only having to perform on Saturday which led me to be able to go see them this past sunday.  it was very last minute and I had to drive 6 hours, but it sooo ended up being worth it.

they played in this small club in Winston-Salem, NC that had a capacity of 1000 people.  due to the fact of the show being on sunday and it also being mother's day and they had played to a sold out crowd in charlotte (about an hour away from Winston-Salem) the night before, only about 250 people were there for the show.  I got to be front row right against the stage where the band was mere feet from me.  I snapped some great photos and had an awesome time, but the best was yet to come.

after the show, my buddy and I stopped to buy a t-shirt and we also ended up talking to the opening band (who were a local band) for a few minutes before heading out to the parking lot.  the tour bus was in the parking lot and there were a few people milling around.  we asked one of the roadies about it and he said after they had showered and cleaned up, the band almost always took some pic with the fans and hung out a bit.  so we decided to hang out for a few minutes to see what would happen.  15 minutes later, I turn around and Billy Sheehan is standing right behind me talking to some one else.  when he was done, he graciously snapped a photo with me and talked for to me for a minute or 2 before moving on to the next fan.  about 15 minutes after that, Ritchie Kotzen came out and did the same.  20 minutes after that, MIKE F'N PORTNOY came out, fist bumped me (I was first in line) told everyone he would be right back, got on the bus and 2 or 3 minutes later came back out and snapped photos with everyone and spoke to me for a few minutes.  it was FRIGGIN' AWESOME!  

I don't have many friends who share my same passion for the music I enjoy and my wife doesn't get it at all (although she is happy for me) so I had just had to share it somewhere.

Jimmy T
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« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2014, 09:03:55 PM »

Hellz yeah! Some trips are always worth it! What a great experience!!

Jimmy T since 2001
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« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2014, 04:52:43 AM »

Congrats, man.

One of the great things is meeting your 'hero's' or someone you admire, but it is even better when they turn out not to be jerks.


"I do not have OCD. I know. I've checked. Three or four hundred times and I definitely don't. I stopped myself from catching it by washing my hands an even number of times"
David Mitchell
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