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Title: Titans and Defenders Podcast? What the ...?
Post by: Perry on July 11, 2019, 10:08:42 AM
Okay, I listen to a lot of podcasts, and everyone knows the usual suspects, but I found this a few months back and I just laugh every time I listen to a new (to me) episode.

This is a podcast about two great comic titles: New Teen Titans and the Defenders. It is called TITAN up the DEFENSE (get it?) The set-up is this, each episode the guy "Hub" reads alternate issues of Titans and then Defenders. Hub reads the issue off mic and then recaps the story to us, in a humorous manner. Then has his brother joins him and they discuss the issue more and go into some history of the issue ... sometimes.

HERE ( is the first episode. The first issue of New Teen Titans (which if you remember happened in DC Comics Presents #26).

The then go through all three of the Marvel Feature issues that feature the first three issues of the Defenders and then, in podcast 8 we finally get to the Defenders #1, HERE ( Of course by then we are on issue #3 of New Teen Titans (episode 7), but they had to start at the beginning and it isn't their fault Marvel went three issues before giving the Defenders their own title

So hey, give it a shot if ya have time to listen. Each one is about an hour. And hey, feel free to start or anywhere. At the beginning, at the current episode or anywhere in-between (but come on, ya got to start at the Bronze Age stuff).

I am only on episode 8 myself, but I will say, if you have the issues they are showcasing, or access to them, it is kinda funny listening to Hub's recap as you red along.

EDIT - there is adult language so please be careful

Title: Re: Titans and Defenders Podcast? What the ...?
Post by: jedicow on July 12, 2019, 07:48:28 PM
I haven't listened to any episodes yet, but there is also a podcast called Defenders Dialogue hosted by authors Brian Keene and Christopher Golden wherein they review and recap the whole run of the Defenders.  They recently wrapped up the series and are moving onto The Champions next.

Title: Re: Titans and Defenders Podcast? What the ...?
Post by: Perry on July 13, 2019, 03:26:09 AM

Are they a comedy cast like the one above or on the more serious side?

Ya know what, it doesn't matter and I'll find out

Thanks again

EDIT - Bookmarked their cast and followed him on YouTube (where he has them listed there as well)... in-case I want to listen to the cast at home ... it's just easier to get to the older episodes though Youtube for me, plus ... VISUALS!!