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Title: Reading List for 2019?
Post by: Perry on May 11, 2019, 08:56:26 AM
Okay, started thinking more and more about how lucky I am with my comic situation and also about digital comics. Well, more to the point, I've been thinking about how I'm about to lose my comic situation and also about digital comic services.

Right now I get to read pretty much anything I want, mostly ... as long as I go on certain days ... and as neat as that is, it also has a drawback as I spend too much time reading things I could care less about instead of concentrating on the titles I want to get to. Sometimes it works as I find true hidden gems, but mostly I just get further and further behind on reading stuff I have never read like some of those older Batman titles from the late 80's early 90's as well as some of the great runs I want to re-read like Legion and Master of Kung-Fu comics

So starting this next week I am going to buckle down and cut almost all the DC and Marvel comics that I read. Now I'm not quite going as hard core as Jeff ... yet  ;D, but yeah, there is no reason why I can't get more of the reading I want to get done as long as I stay to this list ... as much as I can

DC Reading List -
Detective Comics
Mini Series -
Batman Who Laughs
The Wildstorm

Marvel Reading List
Conan the Barbarian
Savage Sword of Conan
Amazing Spider-Man
Friendly Spider-Man
Dr. Strange
Fantastic Four (because I have to)
Guardians of the Galaxy
Immortal Hulk
Uncanny X-Men
Mini-Series -
Spider-Man: Life Story
Star Wars: Tie Fighter
Star Wars: Vader - Dark Visions
Star Wars: Galaxy Edge

Image Comics Reading List
Ice Cream Man
Gideon Falls

Valiant Reading List
Bloodshot (once it restarts)
Ninjak (Once it restarts)
Mini-Series -
Punk Mambo
Life/Death Toyo Harada

Other Publishers List
A Walk Through Hell
Dark Red
Terry Moore's 5 Years
Peter Cannon
Red Sonja
Black Hammer (all related)

Now, that seems like a very large list, and I guess it is, but I usually read a few of those when I get a couple stacked up so I can read a bit more at one sitting, plus a lot of those titles are ending soon. Like Furies,Batman who Laughs,Wildstorm, the Star Wars books and half of the Valiant books are not going to last. And, on top of that, a couple more have not even started yet (Psi-Lords, Ninjak and Bloodshot so that list averages out to only 5 or 6 books a week. That isn't too bad and should provide me a couple minutes to start reading some of those classics that I want to hit. Even more time when those mini's are done!!!

Now, of course there are also books coming out that I do want to read later so I have to keep track of when they are set to be done. I will try and start re-reading these once they are either almost complete, complete or soon after they are complete.

James Bond: 007
James Bond: Origin
Star Trek: Year 5
Star Trek: The Q Conflict
Black Science
Deadly Class
Descender (Ascender)
East of West
The Wicked and The Divine
And maybe one or two more that I have forgotten about

So don't forget, if you see me reading something not on this list ... slap my hand!!!
I am going to do my best to NOT get sidetracked this time!

Title: Re: Reading List for 2019?
Post by: Jimmy T on May 11, 2019, 09:08:58 AM

I barely call myself a comic reader anymore!!

Title: Re: Reading List for 2019?
Post by: Perry on May 11, 2019, 12:34:13 PM

I barely call myself a comic reader anymore!!

It only takes one  ;)