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Title: Latest Hellboy movie
Post by: Jimmy T on April 14, 2019, 08:47:21 AM
I liked David Harbour as HB. He was good. His HB was well in line with the character (movie, and comics-wise, at least as far as the first 4 trades I've read).

The rest of the movie is...not good.

It has none of the charm of the others (which, in itself can be fine. It's a different set of stakes for this movie).

But, it has no charm. It's vulgar to the point of grotesque in the splays of blood, murder, carnage, and death. It's...unsettling to see. Not that I have a weak stomach, but the manner to display it as such is simply gruesome, and not anything I wish to highlight my day with.

How's this for rankings? I won't purchase this movie. I won't rewatch it again if/when it comes on TBS or TNT. I won't walk out of the room if it's playing at a friends' place, but I'd rather go do something else.

Title: Re: Latest Hellboy movie
Post by: Perry on April 15, 2019, 06:18:14 AM
Well damn. I was hoping the trailer was .... a little .... misleading(?) to the quality and enjoyment level I could expect, but this doesn't sound like that is the case.
Bad trailer showcasing a bad movie

Title: Re: Latest Hellboy movie
Post by: Jeff on April 15, 2019, 05:21:44 PM
Sounds like I'll be skipping it.

Title: Re: Latest Hellboy movie
Post by: Perry on April 16, 2019, 03:12:09 AM
Hey Jimmy, do you agree with THESE ( sentiments as to why it was so bad?
(about 11 minutes long)

Title: Re: Latest Hellboy movie
Post by: Jimmy T on April 06, 2020, 07:38:12 AM
Just to revisit, as wanting to post stuff, David Harbour whined in some interview just last month or so where he intimated that his Hellboy failed due to del Toro fans ripping the movie and destroying it before it had a chance to succeed.

 ::) ::) ::)

Because Hellboy fans, comics and/or movie-wise, are so legion in number that they can move worlds and change everyone's perception.



is it because it was just a shitty movie? You know what can influence movie success? Word of mouth. That's how a nobody of a movie like del Toro's Hellboy became such a success in the very beginnings of the Marvel movie universe (I think only Iron Man 2 was out in theaters at that time; which would be around X-men 2 or 3). That was a good movie, got great reviews, and sparked interest that was met with people going to see it, were pleased and happy, and spread that good cheer.

Your movie, Harbour, was utter shit. It was made of all the trappings of a Syfy original movie; overly complicated but inanely dumb plot, a suspension of belief that forced you to follow the movie's logic instead of invite you in, and also, lots of other shittily written roles for mostly decent to good actors.

Yes you followed in the footsteps of another's film great success, which is hard. Batman Forever and Batman and Robin attest to that-but again, shittily made movies. Batman Begins said 'lets make a good Batman movie' and they did.

You sir, did not.

That's all there is to it. You didn't make Iron Man, or Captain America First Avenger. Hell, you barely made Ghost Rider. Live with it.

Title: Re: Latest Hellboy movie
Post by: Perry on April 06, 2020, 08:12:56 AM
Well, I wouldn't exactly consider what he said as "whining".  :) Especially when he was absolutely correct for the most part.  :o
 :D :D

Was the movie good? No.
Was it horrible? Close, but it wasn't the worst I seen
Was it on par with the others? Kinda?  :)

I read that article back when it hit and it isn't like he said that was the only reason the movie sucked.  :D
We all agree that it had bad writing, bad directing and horrible effects, BUT ... as he said, there was a massive outcry about him being in the movie and not Perlman well before this movie hit. There was people already slamming it well before it came out because Ron was not in it AND it wasn't that third DelToro movie that everyone wanted (including myself).

If you hear/see a movie being shit on before you see it you are 100% more likely to judge the movie rather than just sit and relax. You suddenly are not going for enjoyment, you go to judge. You automatically start comparing it to what you heard prior

I get it, but that is what happens. And when it isn't that good of a movie to begin with ...

Now you can not like the movie (and I get you don't  ;D), and hell, I wouldn't say I had a great time with it myself, but it was hardly a total revision of what came before. Let's not call all the other Hellboy movies fantastic or great.  They were fun, but hardly top films after all;) Hellboy 2 barely gets a 7 on IMDB while the first hit a whopping 6.8. Was this latest worse rated than those, yeah, and deservedly so as it was a little worse, but would you call it the worse move of the year? Or even that much worse than the others? Well, yeah  ;D, you just did.  ;D And hey, that's cool.

I will admit fully and without reservations that it was a lot less "fun" ... for sure, but I think it could have even been tons better had they calmed the damn main badguy badgirl (the Hell queen) down by a factor of 6 or so. Just way too over the top and too reliant on those stupid ass SFX.

It is the same reason most DC movies have sucked. They take the "baddy" and go so far over the top with them that it brings the entire movie down. See JLA's Steppenwolf, Suicide Squad's Joker and Harley's Black Mask ... oh and of course Hellboy's Blood Queen, for perfect examples of how not to do a bad guy.

And even though I agree with Harbour, that his movie was shit on before it was given a chance, I also am not too far from where you are ... even though it sounds like it.  ;) I feel pretty good with how IMDB has them ranked.
Hellboy II - 7.0
Hellboy (2014) - 6.8
Hellboy (2019) - 5.2

Sounds about right.


Title: Re: Latest Hellboy movie
Post by: Jimmy T on April 06, 2020, 04:10:15 PM
I'm gonna call it whining!!!




 :D 8) ;)

I did get a chance (cuz I looked) after I read the quote. It was out of context, but reading the full, it still 'sounds' bitchy to me. If even Harbour complains about the process to make the movie, the difficulties with making the movie with so many cooks in the kitchen from producers...(and this ignores the stuff that came off from the set that he was problematic to work with), that it leads to a movie less than the  ideal they wanted...BUT it's still alot of early negative press that ruined the movie?

Bah. A poor movie is still a poor movie. I am a HUGE movie fan of the first 2 Hellboys. I'd have to go to see our comic movie lists to see where it ranks though  :D -but, I knew this wasn't Hellboy 3, I knew it wasn't Perlman and del Toro, but I was okay with that because, hey, we were getting another Hellboy movie! That's the thing! Let it rip!

I tried it. I didn't trash it right out, because that's awfully dumb of me. So I watched it, and even during it, I can be detached enough as a reviewer to know this *wasn't* a del Toro film-and that's fine. More in line with the comics they say. I've read the first 4 trades, and it's definitely not as jovial and flippantly funny as Perlman's movies. But in the end, this latest movie was terrible-and no fan could have made it better by pouring more money into, faking their views on it to pump it up, or crap, made it worse by trashing it more.

I, too, would just like a baddy that isn't...preposterous. Heck, Zemo from Civil War was a soldier, then soldier of fortune who lost his family and went for revenge. Nothing grandstanding about that motivation, but he made the world turn to his song. That's awesome.  All the ones you mentioned? Absolute junk-oh wait, I havent seen Harley Quin yet.

You've seen a comic movie before me????  :o :o :o

 :D :D :D

And you post that Harbour's HB was a 5.2? Damn. how did that get that high? Why weren't the other 2 at an 8? Just my opinion.  8)

Title: Re: Latest Hellboy movie
Post by: Perry on April 07, 2020, 02:43:25 AM
You've seen a comic movie before me????  :o :o :o

Well, honestly, I've seen part of a comic movie before you. Saw the first ... half(?) of Birds of Prey and the blah, blah, blah of Harley awhile back but didn't see all of it. Sickness, not TOTALLY from the movie, played a roll in seeing so little, but yeah, Black Mask was portrayed almost as stupidly overthetop as Joker was. Maybe it is just the act of being around Margot Robbie that drives the guys ape-shit crazy??
 :D :D

Title: Re: Latest Hellboy movie
Post by: Jeff on April 07, 2020, 07:57:08 AM
Still skipped it.

Title: Re: Latest Hellboy movie
Post by: Perry on April 07, 2020, 08:14:01 AM
Still skipped it.