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Title: So, this is me
Post by: Jimmy T on September 16, 2018, 05:32:17 AM
Um....just haven't felt I've been posting (um, because I haven't!), and I just wanted to talk to you guys for a bit.

The wife is a school teacher, so when returning to work after Labor Day, the month of September is a blur of fatigue, sleeplessness, and exhaustion.

Little man did not transition well to going back to daycare. He began having more meltdowns...and not just tantrums, but a 'meltdown'-and with autism spectrum, this is the kind of thing that means he cannot soothed, self-soothed, or be made to come out of it, even if his original requirement is remet-(i WANT TO CLOSE THE DOOR!) Gentlemen, we had one last for 65 minutes. He didn't get a chance to throw away his boogery kleenex. These events were happening with a frequency of 3+ times a week for 3 weeks. Before you say 'that's a kid's tantrums when he's 2', well, we decided to scare ourself with autism research, and also doing comparisons with friends' who have autistic children. Also, there was no sleep, so the biggest shadow demons rear their heads. Was there some other instance of Sensory Stimulation Overload? (also a thing), Yes, we believe that, but things have gotten better.

Things got better from the illnesses that came back. Little lady got 2 ear infections, Little man got a sinus infection, I got sick and lost my voice for 2 days (also, I was recovering from a vasectomy), and within days, the wife was sick as well. There were days that stretched into a work week and more where what I was doing wasn't called 'sleep' at night. Kids were waking, crying, upset, sick, or melting down, or I was in pain as well. Things sucked.

Then, well, comics-wise, yes, I ditched the Bendis Superman stuff, I ended the Robinson WW right before the climax, didn't bother to stick around for 6 month fill ins, and Venditti's GL is ending. Super Sons was also done (but come back in a different form!), but I was just feeling my books were going away. Being sick, it's hard to find time to just sit and read a bunch of Unlimited comics as well. So, I just haven't been reading or buying either. It's why I like coming here to see what is being bought and read!(and discussed some, even if it's just a line or two).

That said, I'm a TTRPG guy too, and with the Pathfinder system putting out a second edition (digitally for free), I've been spending some time getting into that, as well as just buying up old adventure sets that I didn't have from ebay. So, I get the brief fun of an ebay hunt, save some money off of original price, still spend money I want to spend ;D , and get something that I enjoy.

I'm sure I'll swing back up from my Perrititis ;) , but right now...some times it feels it's all I can do to get up and do whatever I have to do before i can just go and pass out and forget about the day I just had to sleep through.

That makes it sound real depressing; it's not. Just exhausting and exhaustive. Work has been a tremendous stress; our department is bleeding people everywhere-they just keep leaving, and no one wants to come work for us. And I actually get it. For now, my job is so solid, that I could murder someone and keep my position. They've been trying to hire people for 8 months within my region, and it' ain't happening. So, maybe yeah, that's causing some stress as well.

That's me.

Title: Re: So, this is me
Post by: Perry on September 17, 2018, 12:20:49 PM
Hey man, first of all glad to hear all things are going at a good clip for you. By saying that I mean I can see you have some stuff in your life that you have to deal with that, well, I am not jealous of in the slightest (nor could I personally survive them), but I'm so very glad to hear you are finding some form of escapism and/or relief from the mental exhaustion that can come about from having things in you life be a little haywire.

That is not to say that you would change anything about your life, per se, I know you love your family and you should, but as lucky as we were with our kids, I still struggled as a parent at times, and that was just dealing with the typical trail and error stuff that most parents deal with. I barely survived that. I couldn't image having to deal with something along the lines of what you are going through. Again, I know the struggle is worth it for you, but I'm just trying to say you are a better man than me for being able to handle it.
Even doing what Jeff did, bringing up a little girl starting at his age  ;) his old age, I couldn't do that either, but man, it seems you have an even fuller plate. I could not do it.

I wish you (and Jeff of course  ;D) nothing but continued success and I hope things settle down soon for you.

I also hope you take this post as it was intended  ;D I'm not the best at these things as we have already established.

Title: Re: So, this is me
Post by: Jeff on September 18, 2018, 07:57:56 AM
Beer.  Lots of beer.

Title: Re: So, this is me
Post by: Perry on October 09, 2018, 10:40:53 AM
Ramping off Jimmy's comments (well his mental state of comics), I think I am gonna take a break from "current" comics for awhile.

Bottom line, with MU and my desire to get back to being a "Marvel Zombie" (as far as knowing what is going on in the Marvel Universe, well, as much as one can I mean) and the recent reading of Manhunter (not the 70's Simonson's long-sleeve guy but my boy Andreyko's version) which reminded me of how many titles there are out there that I want to read, I just can't keep up with the current outpouring from other publishers while getting any one of those two goals accomplished.

I think I am going to avoid the LCS for awhile, kickback, read all the countless titles I have here at the house that have just been sitting here waiting for my eyes, check out some of all the digital comics I have purchased over the last few years and wit for MU to catch up with me and start my Marvel Love'fest once again.

Maybe I will find I don't much love the hero comics genre like I used to, maybe I will find I really, really, missed reading mostly exclusively Marvel comics, or maybe this will, like times past, last about two weeks and I will be right back trying to read everything I can that looks good to me. I just have to take a break and try to find the love again.

I have read some great comics recently. Damn sure have, but I still don't have the "love" I used to feel. I am trying to read Supergirl for Christ's sake!!!! What the Hell? THAT means I am trying to read too much

Yeah, with me trying to read all those older issues I want to read again (IE - MoKF, LoSH, etc...) plus all the other great runs of the past that I have never had a chance to read (IE - John's Titans, John's Flash, other non John's DC stuff  :D) and some current ongoing titles I want/need to catch up on (IE - East of West, Descender, Wicked and the Divine, etc ...), I really need to step back and step away from some of these new comics.

Maybe I will keep up with Batman and a couple more DC titles, but mainly, I am gonna concentrate on older stuff from Image and DC and read MU to become a Marvel Fan again. Hopefully.

Let's see how this goes.

Title: Re: So, this is me
Post by: Jeff on October 09, 2018, 01:27:03 PM
I'm a little in the same boat when it comes to the big two - somewhat same on Valiant titles.  I'm not "out" on them but I see my normal "pull list" shrinking in regards to those companies.  Or at least more of a rotation of titles instead of faithfully following the same ones month to month.  I still enjoy my Image and Black Hammer titles so I'm not changing any of that.

But yeah, I think there is a general malaise in the comic book world right now.  Must be more than just us if we all feel the same way.

Title: Re: So, this is me
Post by: Jimmy T on November 13, 2018, 02:47:49 PM
I have so much to add to this when I actually can find time to discuss.

Title: Re: So, this is me
Post by: Jimmy T on November 21, 2018, 10:34:58 AM
I was at a real bad point 2 weeks ago or so, definitely during the time that Perry posted. I was full on in agreement.

Hell, I was getting ready to come in here and say "Ya knows...I may just be done with comics. Not that I want to quit the medium, it just doesn't seem something my life can currently support. And yeah, there are some poor comics, and uninteresting things to me happening in places as well."

With kids growing and changing, but still needing so much parents (2.5 years old, and a 10 month old), I don't watch any CW shows. In fact, i don't watch a single 60 min show. I watch Goldbergs, Modern Family, and Big Bang Theory with the wife. That. Is all. I just don't have time for comics.

Until the last Jane Foster Thor and final Duggan Deadpool issues released on Unlimited. Okay, I HAVE to read that.

So I did.

And I found some newfound enthusiasm. I'm working hard to actually make some time for it, and I'm finding some good, some very good, and yeah, some junk, to read again. And I'm glad I'm trying!

I can't try as hard as I want to, but at least I'm satisfied to be reading again-but reading with enjoyment!

What a flip from the last 2 weeks.

Title: Re: So, this is me
Post by: Perry on November 21, 2018, 11:40:49 AM
The time for super-hero comics is coming to an end for me ... soon ... 'ish

I don't blame anyone or anything, other than time. Having 50 plus years on this planet and reading hero comics for over 40 of them, it is just hard to ...

-  enjoy change or different takes that has to come to some characters after having 70 years or more (for some) worth of stories told about them

- read the same thing over and over again

It is an impossible balancing act. We all want growth but we hate change. Ha, yeah, I know, no way to win really.

But hey, all is not lost. There are plenty of other types of comics out there to make up for the loss of capes for me. And I am also not quite at the end of my spandex rope yet ... though I do get frustrated far too easily and often now it seems


Title: Re: So, this is me
Post by: Jeff on November 21, 2018, 02:43:49 PM
Sounds like the world we live in as I'm there a lot also.  Just soooooo busy.