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Title: Isola
Post by: Perry on July 22, 2018, 01:37:54 PM
Coming off a month where one title I praised as being pretty darn good was just slammed heavily (Just kidding, Jimmy, don't get your Bendis all ruffled  ;D Just kidding about that as well  ;D) I say to thee now, you guys have to, at the very least, take a one issue flyer on the Image book Isola. That is IF and only IF you think you would like a Disney'esque animated movie about ... well hell, just click some of the preview pages and take a look.

I haven't felt this way towards a comic in a long time. I find it fascinating, in a fantasy way. It is so beautiful but at the same time I find the story pulling me in issue after wonderful issue. I just blasted through the first four issues and I am now eagerly awaiting issue #5 to be released next month. I am also going to have to go find the first 4 or 5 issues of writer Brendan Fletcher's Motor Crush title as there is supposed to be a few pages of prologue for this title in the pages of that. I hope the LCS has them so I can flip through because I want to see if they show how ... well ... how a certain person became a certain ... something else other than, but I don't want to pay $4 an issue of a book I don't want (just not into the  Motor Crush story) for just one or two pages of this story to find out

Check out the preview pages HERE ( (found right under the price), and if you can get issue one, I say do so. At least that first issue to see what ya think

(Note - The way they use sound effects in this title is cool. They don't really use any words, just a few symbols here and there to denote sound)

EDIT - Damn, man, look how good this looks HERE ( (again, preview pages can be found under the price point)