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Title: Supergirl?
Post by: Perry on May 23, 2018, 06:40:33 AM
So ... my boy Marc Andreyko is coming on Supergirl #21 (saving it from cancellation?) and is going to base/tie- in his story with Benids' story over on Action and Supes. Has anyone read any of this title since Rebirth? Should I check out a couple issues before Marc comes on? I tried the first issue or two of New52 and had to walk ... run away, but I have no idea what Kara (is it Kara) is like now. So even though he will possibly do a totally different take, is it a good idea to check into how and who a character, one you know nothing about (especially in THIS incarnation) before trying a new writer?

Not a big deal but just wondering if I should check into this Supergirl before the transition.