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Title: The DC ... U?
Post by: Perry on May 02, 2018, 05:20:14 PM
Just found this on BC that DC is getting ready to start "DC Universe". At first glance, it appears to be similar to CBS All Access, but for DC shows. However, I am crossing my fingers that it could also mean the start of the eagerly awaited DC Unlimited or similar digital subscription service.

As they say (and I bolded the interesting part) ... " DC Universe is a first-of-its kind, immersive digital experience designed just for DC fans. One of the many incredible things your membership will include is unlimited access to the following exclusive original series."

"ONE OF ... "? I am crossing my fingers and toes, but for now I just signed up to be kept in the loop.

If you would also like to do the same, just click HERE ( and sign up for updates.

Again, it could just be for the tv aspect, but if not ... OH if not ...  8)

OH and Swamp Thing?!!!!

EDIT - okay, now they are just messing with me. They are giving me great hope now by doing this - as of today, DC has canceled its digital code that was included in their $3.99 books?
I mean, come on ... that is just too coincidental, yeah? I mean, doesn't that just lean towards a DCUnlimited?

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Jeff on May 03, 2018, 08:06:39 AM
I signed up for updates as well.  I can only hope it does what Marvel Unlimited does.

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Perry on May 03, 2018, 08:17:15 AM
I signed up for updates as well.  I can only hope it does what Marvel Unlimited does.

Me too. I will join both Marval and DC (at launch) if that is the case and be glad it happened when it did.

That would free me up to just having to buy Hardcovers of the best Image has to offer.

(Of course I say that, but I know I will still buy those 99˘ issues of certain titles when they go on sale at Comixology. Like getting a complete set of LoSH, FF, and a few more titles I think are worthy of "owning" digitally)

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Jimmy T on May 03, 2018, 12:33:17 PM
I thought the same thing when I saw that announced. Finally, digital comic Service from DC! I suppose I should sign up for updates just in case it does change to that.

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Perry on May 23, 2018, 06:26:48 AM
Still waiting ....


Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Jeff on May 23, 2018, 06:43:14 AM
Still waiting ....


...and your one month closer to death.

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Perry on May 23, 2018, 06:48:19 AM
 ... every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time ...

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Perry on May 26, 2018, 06:57:05 AM
Think I found an (unofficial) update on Reddit and it seems this Digital service, IF there is one (and it looks promising), will not be until the Fall ... maybe Winter.

Also that Tom King is contracted to be on Batman until #106

The "Black Label" line of comics will be coming in the Fall

Grant Morrison IS doing something, and soon (and with Hal ending at #50, it's gotta be GL right?)  8)

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Perry on June 28, 2018, 10:47:01 AM
Okay. Comics? Maybe? A small portion? Perhaps? As for DCUniverse allowing us readers to have access to their FULL library of comics (or as much as they COULD for the time given) I am afraid the available digital offerings will be a smattering of comics that DC would like to show you; comics that they would like you to read.

I mean ... I hope that isn't the case. I hope we will have access to almost all the comics DC can shove our way, but honestly this venture seems to be based more on their new shows and merchandise more than being a digital library so ... I get it.

But hey, maybe I am wrong and this will be like Marvel Unlimited, CBS All Access and the DC store all rolled into one site. I hope so. I am hella interested in this live action Swamp Thing they are setting up and even the Titans may be able to pull me in once I am paying for the service, but man ... damn it ... I just want a DC digital unlimited so badly that I can't see straight.

Oh, and if you want to sign up for the Beta (and why wouldn't you?) be sure to do so.

I think you can do it (in the top right-hand corner) HERE ( ... at least that is where I signed up) but if not, if it isn't working, check around. get in on the ground floor so our voices can be heard!!

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Jimmy T on June 28, 2018, 08:29:13 PM
Did it. I'm on board.

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Jimmy T on July 19, 2018, 01:27:57 PM
$74.99a year? And with a back log of comics? Brand new shows, all the movies and old shows?

I'm in.

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Perry on July 19, 2018, 01:45:41 PM
I don't know ... I may try it, soon, but I don't like that "Curated list of modern and classical comics". What does that mean? Are they going to have current after 6 months like Marvel or is it just going to be arbitrary? It says Action #1 to Rebirth, but what comics does that entail?

I am not paying $80 a year for the Titans show, every DC Nu52 book and a few hits here and there. I want to know what I am getting, not what "might" be in there.

Sure, the classic movies and the animated shows are nice, and semi-worth it, but the whole idea of me joining was the digital comics side of things. I know other's reasons may be different.

If I find out they are doing the digital after 6 months" (or hell even after 8 months) I will gladly pay for the year. I just want to know that one thing is all.

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Jimmy T on July 19, 2018, 08:19:38 PM
Ah crap Perry, you're right. I glossed over that detail of the truncated comics. Not so sure I drop in for a year....

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Perry on August 16, 2018, 03:28:08 AM
Although I am still not too happy about the comics (the fact they are only putting up a limited amount and that it will change at a set time to another set instead of the way Marvel is doing theirs) I do feel a little better about joining up with DCUniverse.

While I understand WHY they are doing the comics the way they are, they are trying t get people to buy the issues digitally, I am hoping that enough fans, enough comic fans, will cry out and force a change in the way comics are done, again, to be more inline with the way Marvel does it. Now I am not saying that as a "Marvel Zombie", "Do it like Marvel"  ;D but I just enjoy the way Marvel does their comics subscription the way they do, so I keep hoping DC, Hell, and others, will do the same.

That said, I do enjoy seeing the comic panels on the big screen

Yeah, I am not going to go yearly at the jump, I want to try a month or so first, but I think, when all is done, this will be a fine thing to have. I like so much of it. It is almost perfect. They do the digital comic sub like Marvel and this would be,  without question, perfect. But heck, honestly, I think this is THE platform to have. Even with the way they are doing the comics.

Oh, and thanks to JoBlo for the inside peek

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Perry on October 31, 2018, 07:31:31 AM
Not sure why my vid above is now gone, but oh well, I came here for other reasons anyway.
 :D ;D

So yes, I have railed against the Titans previously, but I just saw an image for episode #4 and although it isn't quite as "neat" looking in the trailer itself, when compared to the image alone, Cliff "Robotman" Steele looked pretty darn cool. I may have to watch episode #3 and then #4 (where the Doom Patrol shows up) after all. I mean Doom Patrol, right? I may need to watch that.

Plus, maybe I will sign back on after all as, because of all the complaints about them taking comics away after a set amount of time, the people in charge may be re-thinking the comic practice as quoted here -
"Many of you have asked why we rotate comics. That question is being deeply considered internally, and we hope to answer it to great satisfaction in the near future."
Sound to me that maybe, just maybe, that DC will soon have a better, more stable comic reading selection. I wouldn't care if they all don't go up at one time, but stop taking the comics you do load up away from readers. That is just stupid.
Maybe Titans will get better and maybe DC will fix the Comics issue and maybe I will sign back on for a year?

Not sure if this will work for non-subscribers, but here is a link to the episode four Doom Patrol coming in a day or so -

And I checked, I have until November 11th to read all the Manhunter I can, before I lose access to them
 :D :D

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Jeff on October 31, 2018, 07:47:01 PM
I saw that Doom Patrol stuff too and I also thought ”Sweet!”  I’ll definitely check out the first four episodes just to get to that!

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Perry on November 04, 2018, 08:49:03 AM
Just saw episode 4 of Titans. I won't go into too much, but yeah, this isn't enough to keep me around.

When they start working their comics like the MU does, or at least stop pulling comics down that they put up (okay ... or when the Swamp Thing series starts  ;D), I will gladly come back and try again, but for now, I say adios!

Now I really have to push the Manhunter reading

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Perry on January 03, 2019, 02:30:00 PM
Well, I just got a peek over at DCU and it looks like it may be time to go ahead and start my subscription again. I stopped after two months originally, when I found out they were just putting comic runs up for a limited amount of time and then switching them out (forcing you to read on their schedule and not your own), but it appears as though they no longer do that as I am seeing some older runs and some new runs up on the site now.

Jimmy, I think this would be a good thing for you to join up for, at least in the near future, if they keep going this way. I mean yes, they are not MU ... yet ... but they are getting better it seems.

I did a fast search and not only is the complete run of that Manuhunter series still up, they have:

96 issues of Action Comics including the first 50 and then what looks to be 866 to 900 (Johns run yeah?)
24 issues of Adventure comics featuring the LoSH (no good runs yet though)
13 issues of '81 All-Star Squadron (not good by any lengths, but they have the first 10, so that is nice, as a bonus)
75 issues IN A ROW of '94 Aquaman ... Isn't that including the PAD stuff?
12 issues of the 2000 era Batgirl. The first 12 issues. I need to read that!
90 issues of Batman Including 290-325, Death in the Family and Year Three
32 issues of the original Batman and the Outsiders (Jim Aparo Baby!!!)
100 issues of Batman: Legend of the Dark Knight ... including the first 100 issues
12 issues of Shadow of the Bat (the first 12)
33 issues of Batwing ... I didn't look at what issues because I don't care. BLAH!!  :D
40 issues of Birds of Prey - including the first 36 by Chuck Dixon... not sure that is good or not
12 issues of '07 Booster Gold (the first 12)
31 issues of Checkmate (the first 31 ... I think I want to read that !!)
81 issues of Detective Comics .. a good mix of early and later issues
63 issues of Doom Patrol ... the '87 run that had the Grant Morrison stuff
83 issues of Green Lantern (sadly no GL and GA stuff though)  :-\
20 issues of the I, Vampire series I have been wanting to read
28 issues of Hitman (the original "The Boys"  ;D)
36 issues of Impulse ... the first 36 ... any good?
81 issues of the classic Justice League of America (including the Perez stuff)
27 issues of Kamandi bitches!!!
38 issues of Starman!!!
38 issues of Manhunter ... well yeah ... duh!  :D
12 issues of Stormwatch!!! WHAT? I could have read them digitally? Not that you (or anyone) should read them at all  :D
28 issue of Superboy and the LoSH !! issues 231-258
24 issues of the great, the amazing Authority!!!
87 issues of The Brave and The Bold!! Ahhh yeah!!!
23 issues of the Flash ... just odds and ends, a few issues of Johns, but not good runs. Hope they change that!!!
35 issues of The Power of Shazam!!! I do need to read this one. To get the bad taste of the newest out of my mouth  :-\
12 issues of Wildcats. I know I am the only one, but I AM going to read 9-12 digitally.  :D :D

That is a lot more runs than they had before.
Yep. I think I will jump back on!!!

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Jeff on January 03, 2019, 03:23:35 PM
This is good news!  Not being perfect is ok as long as your moving in the right direction and sounds like they are!

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Jimmy T on January 03, 2019, 08:59:35 PM
That indeed should be PAD's Aquaman run, with the ending dinner by Dan Jurgens-which I just loved. Unfortunately, about 12 issues of Erik Larsen too!

That looks great! I hope they just keep it up, build it up, and continue to offer more! Would love to read some Aparo Batman! Losh stuff as well!

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Perry on January 04, 2019, 07:20:22 AM
Yeah, I think the value is there now, I mean the cost for what you're getting at least.

Again, while I will watch the occasional DC movie/tv show/episode, the comics are the main draw for me at that site. The fact that they now have at least 100 plus issues of stuff that I know I want to (someday) get to, is enough for me to throw my money down.

Now I just have to decide if I want to go monthly again (just in-case) or do I commit to the full year and get the discount

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Jeff on January 04, 2019, 08:08:45 AM
Do the full year and get the discount.  That way you want waste brain cycles every month debating if you should keep it or not.

Title: Re: The DC ... U?
Post by: Perry on January 04, 2019, 09:20:37 AM