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Title: Legends of Tomorrow Sn 3
Post by: Jimmy T on November 11, 2017, 02:37:05 PM
I rather hate how the show started this season.

"Oh, we're whiny we aren't traveling through time. It's not fair the Bureau of Time Affairs took away our time machine because all he do is f*** up time. Boo hoo us. Not fair, We're gonna steal it back and still screw up time stuff!"

Which is what continues to happen-mostly completely due to Nate/Commander Steel.

that guy is a douche nozzle. I sincerely hate that character, and now I kind of hate the actor too-his delivery, his mannerism, his dickishness and stupidity and whining-I f***ing hate him, and somehow, he's become the main center stage guy of the show.


This show is fine to have on in the background, but there is no importance or relevance to it's viewing. If they would cancel it next week, I would still watch the eps in my dvr, and just go on from there. Wouldn't bother me, but its not something I wish on either.

But the show didn't start very well for me either. The team is really dumb; super really dumb in how they do all things!! ARGH

Title: Re: Legends of Tomorrow Sn 3
Post by: Jimmy T on March 29, 2018, 08:21:25 PM
I enjoy having this show on-but man, I hate Steel, Amaya is lame, the new character, well, they did an episode to bring her back around to get people to like her, but man, where am I going?

Somehow, the show works. The events make it cool is what it is.