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Post by: Jimmy T on September 27, 2017, 06:03:45 PM
You know, I should love this book.

Slott runs tons of subplots, layering and buidling them in the background, 2-3 pages at a time in each issue. Buidling up what Ock and Osborn are doing. Black Cat and her schemes. Tying into his own big events and such. Old plots and events continue to layer from the past to now. This is what I loved about all those Roger Stern and very, very early 90's comics spread through 3 titles.

So why don't I love this title and writer?!?!

Because he always falls flat. His final delivery of stories is poor. They fizzle more than anything. I don't care for millionaire Parker and his global industries. I don't like Peter Parker; he doesn't listen to others, he doesn't take counsel with others, he runs roughshod over people in his way, he's a dope!

He's also very unoriginal now with Miles, Gwen, Kaine, and Ben running around.

I wish I was interested in this more...but I'm just not. And that makes me sad.

Especially with Slott sticking around for a lot longer.

Post by: Perry on October 29, 2017, 05:51:42 AM
Currently, for me, Slott is on yet another high crest with his ever lasting Spider-Man Wave Writing style. The apex almost always following after yet another shallow trough, in a long history of ups and downs. His writing of Spidey is like looking at an Electromagnetic Radiation graph.
"Oh man, this good", "Oh this is bad", "Oh hell yeah"," WTF?", ...

I think if you look at my history with Slott since he has been on Spidey (and his She-Hulk run as well) that is almost precisely what you will see.

I have enjoyed the last couple of issues. Those being the "Legacy" numbered ones ... which that being something I will not even talk about here.

Post by: Jeff on October 29, 2017, 07:18:17 PM
Is this Slott’s 50th or 60th year of writing Spider-Man?

Post by: Jimmy T on November 01, 2017, 07:01:01 PM
Is this Slott’s 50th or 60th year of writing Spider-Man?

I did have to comment to this

"HA!! That's awesome!!" :D

Post by: Perry on September 24, 2018, 03:11:40 AM
Still having some issue laying around, I decided to catch up on the newest Amazing series, so I sat down and read issues one through 5. This was a classic retelling of
the body split trope, made famous, to me, in The Enemy Within Evil episode of STTOS with the "evil" Kirk and the overly emotional Kirk fight for control of their body or at least their right to live apart.
Having just seen that episode again not too long ago, I think it both made the story more impactful but also made it seem very repetitive to something I just saw. Because I did just see it. I will say it was well done, I suppose, but certainly not what I would expect from a first arc. Just too ... normal? I mean as a story it is ... just another version of a often used trope. Ya know?

Also, while I really liked the art by Ryan Ottley on Invincible, even with its sharp edges (I style I usually don't love) it fit well into the story. Here I find while I do love the look of Spider-Man himself (he looks very cool with the physical shape and actions) the rest of the gang, the non-costumed peeps, look off to me. Not sure why. I like Ottley, I do, but ... Something is just not hitting here for me, for some reason. His Spider-Man is pretty neat though, again.