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Title: Cover of the Week - August 9, 2017
Post by: Perry on August 14, 2017, 06:16:25 AM
The purpose of this is to showcase my favorite covers of the week. Of course please feel free to throw out your own as well.

I am going to try ... TRY  ;D and pick one DC, one Marvel and one (maybe two) covers from the other publishers as my favorite each week. Although some weeks, like this one for example  ;) I will throw out some covers that I find deserve a little talking about.

Please note that all images are owned by their respected companies!!!  :)

Also, I will not consider any covers that go past a single variant. In other words, I have no problems if publishers want to add a "B" cover to give buyers a choice in what cover they choose, but I will not play the cover "F" bullshit game. Those covers where LCS's have to meet ridiculous goals or in anyway go over the two choice option, will be void ... not matter how much I may like them.
This of course means that 99% of Dynamite and 80% of Marvels covers will be disqualified from the start.
 :) >:( :)

And for this week, sure I am late, but I will try and follow this up with next weeks (this weeks) winners

DC - While I almost picked the "B" Flash cover by Howard Porter, with the black and white background, I went with the one cover that hit me because of the action shown. Hal being in defense mode for another

Hal and the GLC #26


Marvel - Thanks to only "A" and "B" covers being considered, there are lots and lots of great covers that I will not be talking about ... other than just then  ;D but my pick for Marvel's cover this week is a book I have no interest in buying, but for the second time in a row (the first was last weeks Ghost Rider cover), this weeks cover pick is the Mattina "A" cover for

Edge of Venomverse


Other - Only doing one "other" this week as A) I want to get to next week and B) I am not sure how many pics I can upload before the site I am posting on says no more  :-\ but I fell in love with this image the fist time I saw it. I originally thought it was our boy Riley Rossmo (Batman, Proof) as it looks just like him, but it is by Michael Kaluta and I love it

Dynamite's Shadow #1


Okay my final two or three are just covers I thought were really cool. First we get the "A" and "B" cover from Action Comics #985. And my reason for this is that both covers seem to be the same scene, just shot from a different angle. I thought that was cool. The next image is from Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 and I like it because it screams old school cover, with the "bad guy" warning our "heroes" by word balloon.



That's it for last week's this week, now let's see if I can post this weeks this week.
 :D :D

Title: Re: Cover of the Week - August 9, 2017
Post by: Jeff on August 14, 2017, 06:42:26 AM
I like this thread!  Nice catch on the two Action Comic POV covers.  I saw them both but didn't look close enough to realize what they did there.  VERY cool!

Title: Re: Cover of the Week - August 9, 2017
Post by: Perry on August 15, 2017, 06:38:30 AM
Thanks I will try to do this for at least 3 weeks.
 :D :D :D

And yeah, I was just about to skip the Supe's cover when I happened to see the relation. I am still wondering if it was a planned thing or not. It would seem to be but it would be kinda cool if it was pure happenstance.

Title: Re: Cover of the Week - August 9, 2017
Post by: Jimmy T on August 16, 2017, 06:28:51 PM
That Superman A and B covers can only be described as....super cool.