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Title: Black Cat/Silver Sable movie
Post by: Tokyo Vigilante #1 on June 05, 2017, 06:06:52 PM
Sony is still using what they have left in their Spider-Man-Less-Spidey-Universe.

Say what you will, the director pick inspires confidence in me.

Let's break down the characters.

Black Cat. "Isn't this just Catwoman?" Movie audiences and critics all over will be something to that some extent. I mean, I'm a Spidey fan and not too much of a Batman one. But you say "cat themed cat burglar" my mind will go to Catwoman every time.

I like this character. That scene where she sees Spider-Man unmask for the first time, crushing her romantic fantasy, and she screams for him to put the mask back on - to me - is a top ten iconic moment in Spidey's history. Her stalker nature after their break-up, going as far as to date Flash Thompson to get back at Parker, is all good stuff.

Not to mention getting nearly killed by Doc Ock in the Doc Ock/Owl gang war. Then going behind Spidey's back to get powers from the Kingpin so he could hang with him as a hero.

Nerdy nitpick: I never liked the "bad luck powers." I liked she had to do something as shady as get help from Fisk - one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies. And the powers, as Fisk planned, eventually hexed Spidey. Still they always felt so vague on how they worked. Maybe if they were mystical in origin - perhaps from a cursed object she once stole - I could wrap my head around it more.

I prefer the tech she got from the Tinkerer in the 90's to enhance her agility, vision, and strength. I hope she has that tech in the movie and not so much the "back luck" stuff.

Silver Sable. Highly underrated character who had an underrated 90's series. To be honest, I'd be equally happy to see a "Silver Sable and the Wild Pack" movie. Like G.I. Joe meets an international A-Team of mercenaries. She's a strict, hard-nosed, multi-millionaire mercenary, who's a hero and top money maker to her native country. (A country that neighbors Dr. Doom's.) In her free time, she's in the family business of hunting Nazis. Like, even her "hobby" is movie worthy.

When not using her Wild Pack she keeps heroes and villains wanting to make a quick paycheck on speed dial. Leading her to have side teams like "The Intruders" or "The Outlaws."

The Outlaws were former villains turned heroes, pre-Thunderbolts. Could this movie work in Rocket Racer and Prowler? (I know, I know, but I always liked those guys.) Or Puma - who's one of comics most underrated bad asses. Even... Willow the Wisp has cool powers too... but... that name and look? Okay, pass on that dude. He's like the New Age music of heroes/villains.

Anyway, this film has potential. I'm sure Black Cat and Silver Sable has run into each other in the comics, I just can't remember. If Sable is hunting for, and then later needs, a cat burglar on her team - Black Cat could be worked in pretty organically. Spider-Man really isn't necessary to make this relationship form. (Unlike Venom, but that's another thread for another time.) If fact, it's kind of a stroke of genius to put them together. There's not a lot of female super hero movies or female buddy action flicks. This could check both those boxes. Plus, after the Holly Berry Catwoman movie, I don't know how well a Black Cat solo flick would do.

This could be great. Only speed bump for me thus far is that the rumored villain is Norman Osborn. There has to be a better choice than boring-er Lex Luther. Foreigner is not nearly as well known, but has a history with Sable.

A cyborg Silvermane could be cool. Like the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon, they could have Silvermane and Sable related. Assuming the new Cloak and Dagger series will be using him, as he's tied into their origins. Although, Sony has the Spidey villain movie rights, so he still might be fair game.

Title: Re: Black Cat/Silver Sable movie
Post by: Jeff on June 06, 2017, 05:19:53 AM
Hmmmm.  I don't know.  These Sony movies don't seem to grab me.   :-\

Title: Re: Black Cat/Silver Sable movie
Post by: Mitch on June 07, 2017, 02:33:22 PM
Hmmmm.  I don't know.  These Sony movies don't seem to grab me.   :-\

Agreed.  The DC (WB) and Marvel (Disney) studio movies are getting bigger and bigger.  Even the X-men/Deadpool movies from 20th Century Fox are starting to seem like white noise against all the hype of the big two "cinematic universes."

Title: Re: Black Cat/Silver Sable movie
Post by: Jimmy T on June 10, 2017, 10:49:43 AM
I've always liked the way you bring a spotlight to those characters/types from Spidey.

But I have hard time ever caring about them! That wasn't good memories of Web of- for me, at least.