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Post by: Perry on March 19, 2017, 03:50:34 AM
Batwoman issues - Rebirth and #1

Now this is whadda likey. This was good. Both issues pulled me into this title very quickly. I have found, in the past, I enjoy the thought and look of Batwoman more than the stories, but here everything blends together quite well. Is this the best DC book? Oh no, but it is a worthy addition to DC and more precise, the Batman Family.

Truth be told I think I was, once more, initially 'drawn' into the title from the mere appearance of it. Seeing Epting's art, while not on the Willams III ilk, still makes me happy to this day. Also sad in a way as the only reason I am able to see his art here is that his and Brubaker's VELVET didn't make it like it should have or for that matter  ;) his CrossGen title CRUX, where I first saw his work (I was out of comics for his early stuff)). Damn fine books they were, but I am very ... very, very happy to see my man Epting here. Damn can he draw. One of the most underrated artist in the business.

The story is pretty good, if not typical fare, but still enjoyable and well put together (the rebirth issue isn't required, but it does help the story)

Yep, a fine book all around, with an artistic bonus point for Epting  ;D

8 outta 10 - military code: article 125s
 :D ;D :D