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Post by: Perry on October 24, 2016, 07:05:34 AM
Okay, Star Trek books, much like Star Wars books, have always been hit and miss. Some are good and some leave you wanting. This one is a good one.

I really enjoyed this issue. I only read it as I had just watched the new movie a couple weeks prior, so I was in a "trekkie" mood, but yeah, this picked up right after the movie (well not right after, but after) and shows us what the "team" does when (movie spoiler)
there is no Enterprise to be on, while still being in space. well, except for Spock.  ;D

The art is pretty damn good. Clean, but also with a little emotion to it. Yeah, pretty good.

The antagonist is a great one and I look forward to reading issue #2.

7 outta 10 Nacelles