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Title: Captain America
Post by: Jimmy T on August 20, 2016, 08:56:37 PM
So, as I said in the Weekly Reader, this first 6 issues of ..Humphries? Crap, can't even remember!!

Anyhoo, it seems to be a bit of a caricature of actually events. Anger at the 1%, projected in heavily forced tropes representing the far left and far right. It just seemed...silly, especially in the background of Captain Sam punching the Serpent Society.

By the way, the Serpent Solutions was AWESOME!!! I loved Viper. What a magnficent voice to the character, especially with a way to make the upper echelon of society cringe at his tactics to screw over others for financial gain. Loved it! Wish they stick around for a greater longer time. I really REALLY liked them here!

The design of the Redbird Boy/now Falcon's eyes bug me. Don't like them at all! Just weird.

But I loved this different take on the Serpent Society. Just wish all the rest of the pack would fall in order and be something other than the "other 5 guys who are all muscle and no brain."

Title: Re: Captain America
Post by: Perry on August 21, 2016, 05:49:38 AM
I actually loved the Serpent stuff, but Spencer (that's the writer  ;)) takes this title continually down the "Society Realism" in this comic, and you will see as you go forward that it gets even further in, and that just gets to me. I still read it, but around issue 8 it got to the point it wasn't a "comic" anymore, it was a writer using his political views and placing them in a floppy. Yes, I know that is not unfounded  :D, but the way Spencer does it, man, it is rough for me. And I agree with most if not all of what Spencer has to say, except for his total dedication to Hilary Clinton  :-\, but in a comic where I want to just escape, this is rough.

And I say that also knowing that Captain America has been, will and needs to be THE book that does this ... he is America ... but I either need to take breaks from this book and catch up in large groups, like I do  ;), or I need to stop watching news. I can't do both. It's depressing.