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Title: And then, this
Post by: Perry on July 14, 2016, 05:44:34 PM
Well, just spent the last 3 days in the hospital, but sadly not for me this time. We just found out that our 23 year old daughter, the youngest, has Lymphoma. Cancer. 23 years old. Cancer.

Healthy eater. Eats very limited amount of fried food. Eats lots of fruit and veggies. Cancer. Exercises at least 4 times a week and drinks about a gallon of water a day. Cancer. At 23.

The mood is anger, but we are hopeful. Biopsy shows no Hodgkins cells so it isn't Hodgkins Lymphoma, sadly as that is the easiest one to treat I found out, but it is a Lymphoma and that is "the cancer you want" if you are going to get cancer and you detect it early. She has bone marrow biopsy tomorrow to determine if it is ... another form ... and then they put her Chemo Port after that.

23 years old.

Sorry, hard to type on this damn thing.  More later.

Title: Re: And then, this
Post by: Jeff on July 14, 2016, 06:11:50 PM
Perry, I am sorry to hear this.  We will keep your family in our thoughts and prayers.

Title: Re: And then, this
Post by: Wringer on July 15, 2016, 06:55:19 AM
FU( sorry to hear that.

Title: Re: And then, this
Post by: jedicow on July 15, 2016, 06:11:47 PM
Perry, you and your family will be in my prayers.  As a father of two daughters, I can't honestly say that I know how you feel, but I know the fear and worry that I have concerning their well being and health and my heart aches for you.  I work with a lot of cancer patients and I have some limited knowledge if you have any questions and if it's something I can't answer, I can try my best to find out for you. 

just remember to be strong for her sake as well as yours, always encourage her to look at the bright side and always keep her spirits up.  She can and WILL get through this.

Title: Re: And then, this
Post by: Jimmy T on July 16, 2016, 06:34:36 AM

I've sat on this for a day. Hoping to write something that goes beyond 'words on the internet' to someone I've never met, nor talked to in real life.

I can recall you mentioning your daughter. After all, it's been well over 10 years since posting on the Realm, and I know those things have come out here and there. So, we know, all of us being fathers, how utterly essential our children are to us. But, I can only empathize, and in my empathy, I feel fear. But that fear is an ugly, small, individual thing that can easily be bottled up by an individual.

But you are part of a family. A family that can lean on one another, that share strength, that can be weak, yet picked up by others around you when you need it. Rely on that.

I prayed for your daughter last night. I prayed that she, and you and your family, would find that strength to face this together. I prayed for her well-being, and for the doctors and their expertise and experience and their knowledge would carry her to a safe and healthy day. I prayed that all of you would still find a way to smile and love one another.

Be well, Clan ptsteelers.

Title: Re: And then, this
Post by: Perry on July 17, 2016, 03:23:45 PM
Thanks for all the support, guys.

Home for a few to try and unwind the brain for awhile, and will hopefully get the wife here and away from the hospital soon enough ... for at least a few hours, though it is, of coarse, hard to be away, the little girl needs time to herself as well.

We do know a little more and things are looking up, as weird as that sounds when you are talking about Cancer but ...

She has Medialstinal Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. Mediastinal being the location (in the chest cavity) and the rest being the type of cells. As far as having Cancer goes it isn't the one you would prefer (Hodgkins Lymphoma is the easiest to battle), but this is the next "best" Cancer to have. Her doctor will be using a treatment plan that has a 99% treatment rate (total eradication) and a 95% "10 year free" rate (no returning cancer cells within a 10 year period). That is pretty good odds.

She will be given (and this started yesterday) 4 straight days of chemo (a mixture of three different drugs) and then a few hours of another drug and then 6 hours of another (I have the list of drugs somewhere, but can't remember the exact names right now). She will then take two weeks off, go home, try to work, whatever. This treatment will then reverse, with the two separate drugs first then followed by the 4 days of chemo, for the next treatment. Then, again, two weeks off. This will continue for 6 total treatments. A week in the hospital, two weeks out, a week in, two out, etc ... so this will take awhile.

She is doing fine, and honestly more concerned about her hair loss rather than the risk of life or infertility, which with me, as an ex-hair band member, I can understand
I have done my best to allow no negative statements or sad eyes around her and have even made her smile about us wig shopping together as I know negativity can suck the life out of a room fast as hell, so positive thinking only.   

Now, while I am an atheist, as most of you know, I do not reject prayer or the power of prayer ... as if for nothing else, in my atheist mind, it is all a part of positive thinking if nothing else, so please don't think the prayers are going unappreciated. My daughter is not vocal about it but she has faith in God (and that is fine with me) so I am sure she has said more than a few prayers for herself as well. So if you have taken even a part of a second to send your thoughts "upstairs", I honestly do thank you.

Ha, one of the first words out of my mom's mouth when she heard about Kelly's Cancer was -
"I don't care what you think, I am praying for her"
(Feels good to smirk/smile in reality as well)

But, again, thanks so much for the well wishes, I am sure she will kick this things ass, but it will be a hard road for sure. One she will handle.

Title: Re: And then, this
Post by: Tokyo Vigilante #1 on July 19, 2016, 11:38:00 AM
Very sorry to hear about this news, Perry.

Title: Re: And then, this
Post by: Perry on August 05, 2016, 03:24:02 PM
Very sorry to hear about this news, Perry.

Thanks, Tok. Sorry I just now saw this.

Well, good news is that her Bone Biopsy just now came back all clear, so she has no cancer anywhere other than her chest cavity. She goes back into the hospital tonight, for week number 2 (of 6) for another 24 hour, five straight days of chemo. Her hair is falling out already, poor girl, but she is staying strong and her hair, unlike mine, will grow back

This therapy, this regimen, already has the cancer reduced by about 50% so momma and me are happy as hell about that. They are still going to do the full six treatments, even if it is all gone after this one, just to make sure, as that is what has been working on other people.

Yeah, been a good day.

Title: Re: And then, this
Post by: Perry on April 17, 2017, 08:14:21 AM
Just wanted to update this ... I guess being pissed at my old man got me thinking how I have left this open ended ...  ;D

Sometime this week, hopefully, next week at the latest, we will have the results of the final PET scan on my daughter and this scan will tell us if she is "in remission" or not. She has had 3 PETs and 4 CT scans over the past 4 months or so and they have all been showing well (that little cancer bastard is shrinking without chemo), but as this is a new treatment plan, they have to have one more scan to "finalize" the results.

This is the big one. If she is, she will have to have CT scans every three months for the first two years to make sure there is no return or change, then she switches to having scans every 6 months for two years and then, if all goes well she can finally go to the once a year scan!!!

I, a person that no longer drinks as he is on so many meds that do the same thing anyway  :D, will be slammin' some down that day.

Maybe Jimmy and his family will remain healthy enough so we can all toast?!?!
(been thinking about ya man!!)

Title: Re: And then, this
Post by: jedicow on April 17, 2017, 08:00:10 PM
my fingers are crossed and i'm praying for you and yours, dude. 

Title: Re: And then, this
Post by: Perry on April 20, 2017, 06:34:16 AM
Thanks once again, buddy.
I know she will be clear. I know it.
But I keep thinking about my *recent "things I know"s, and I am not as comfortable.

*Trump will not be President and Glen did die at the dumpster
 :D :D

I joke only because she is doing so well

Title: Re: And then, this
Post by: Jimmy T on April 23, 2017, 05:53:53 AM
Perry; great news!!!

We...we are just about there!!

Jordan is doing very well...aside from 4,maybe 5 teeth currently all pushing through at once. Been a rough 15 days for him so far.

The wife still has an upper respiratory infection/cough/hack that is going on over 4 weeks.

I think my body may be battling that, or a cough, or allergies. At this point in time, all I am is fighting sicknesses on 3 fronts, and just keep on going. ;)

Title: Re: And then, this
Post by: Perry on April 26, 2017, 04:57:12 AM
Yeah, thanks guys, great news indeed. However ... I think our little daughter is playing with as she has yet to tell us the results. She keeps saying she is going to have to call the Drs office to get them as she has not heard anything and, well, that may be the case, but I also know that she loves to have "insert name here parties" and I know here well enough to know she would be on the phone non-stop if she had not heard anything back by now.

Right or wrong I just feel that she is trying to hold out for a huge get together announcement.

Or at least I hope that is what it is. Asked her a couple of days ago, so it is time for me to ask again today hopefully ...  ;D