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Post by: Perry on June 18, 2016, 04:39:51 AM
Okay, honest time, I had no interest in this "Super-Man". No interest at all and I don't know why.

My main (and constant) complaint with Superman (the non-hyphened version) is he is boring to me. Either way too powerful or just bland and uninteresting. Again, to me. So why was I so quick to just disregard a version of the character that seems so different? Isn't that what I kinda wanted? Well, after seeing a sneak peek into DC's September solicits and seeing the following description for issue #3 of the New Super-Man title -

"When Kenan Kong decided to out the Justice League of China to the world, he was just trying to impress people, not start a revolution! But the damage is done, and the fallout turns deadly as these heroes come face to face with Flying Dragon General and the Freedom Fighters of China!"

- how can I not get this? Flying Dragon General? What the what?!!??!!?? That sounds freakin' interesting as hell and could lead to some Happy Reader Comic-Time!!!!

Looks like the Blue Beetle (or as I always try to spell it Beatle ... damn rock musicians  :D) will be on a short leash as I try to decide between these two titles. I just have to try this Superman Super-Man now
 :) 8)

Post by: Jimmy T on June 19, 2016, 05:49:37 AM
I love the Chinese set of heroes in the Justice League. Such great characters! 'August-General-in-Iron' such great names too! Mother of Ten!

Post by: Perry on June 19, 2016, 09:16:38 AM
I love the Chinese set of heroes in the Justice League. Such great characters! 'August-General-in-Iron' such great names too! Mother of Ten!

Right? So cool / odd!!!!

Post by: Perry on July 17, 2016, 03:46:55 PM
And as I am not in the mood to really go into other comics right now, I will just add that after reading this and honestly enjoying the other Superman comics (though I was kinda rolling my eyes at some of Jurgens stuff in the last Action), I have decided to go all in ... almost all in with the complete DC stuff. Still no interest in Cyborg, and I am not yet into Green Arrow (though I will try the same writer's Teen Titans) but I think I will go ahead and at least "try" the rest. Even the Redhood. Even Superwoman. Heck, even Supergirl!!!

Yeah, I am really hyped about DC. Man, this feels good, right?

Post by: Perry on August 13, 2016, 05:32:44 AM
Issue #2

 :D Remember Justice League International? Well that is what this book is kinda reminding of. From a "jerk" Superman to a "tubby" Batman all the way down to a leader that ... seems sketchy  ;) and of course some humor to set it all in place, this book has me.

Issue #1 was mainly centered around the, well, origin I guess, of Keenan Kong (or Kong Keenan in the correct way of having your family name first ... which I love ... though would not want for me and my last name  :D). Showing how this jerk became the new Chinese Super-Man. And with issue #2, we see two more members of the Chinese Justice League; Batman and Wonder Woman (and as Kong says ... "aren't those names taken?"  :D), and their first 'mission' which of course goes swimmingly  :D :D

Will this book tie into the rest of DC, probably not, but this is so good I am glad it is on its own island and will not have to deal with any interference. Well, I think there maybe some sales interference sadly, as this will probably be one of the books that no-one tries and so will probably be canceled after 8 issues. But hey, maybe that will be for the best (if the writer only has an eight issue idea, which I doubt). Yes, I am gonna miss this when its gone, but for now, this is rapidly climbing up to the top of my read pile.

8 outta 10 training sessions gone wrong

Post by: Perry on October 17, 2016, 10:05:42 AM
Issue #4

Man, this book is so darn cool. It is really fun watching this jerk begin to grow into a hero. This entire series has been fun, but this one was one of the best ones yet. And a great last page !!!

Hope more people grab this. I want this to be at least a 12 issue run, if not more.

Good stuff !!!

Post by: Perry on April 14, 2017, 01:23:51 PM
So DC using Marvel's tricks now?
Luckily I didn't read the issue because of the labeling, I read this anyway (and so should everyone else as its a very well done book, damn it  ;D) but giving this a "Superman Reborn Aftermath" label on the cover when it has maybe one sentence about ... Superman and his "Reborn'ness" was pretty damn weak.

Stop it DC. Don't start picking up Marvel's bad habits!!!

Still, you guys should read New Super-Man heck, at the very least issues 9 and 10 ... good Superman (the real one) stuff!!!