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Post by: Perry on June 28, 2015, 06:23:47 AM
Okay, so I took a chance and read all of the Finch duo's WW so far, from the start to current (including the Annual and #41) and I think I will just stick with reading Dave's copies. This is not "bad" comics, in-fact Meredith Finch's writing is ... well ... sort of like Charles Soule in a way. While with Soule I love his ideas, plots and where he wants to take the character, every now and then there is a bit of dialog that just makes me cringe. Just a tad. But with Finch while I also like her ideas and where she really wants to take the character (which honestly is a direction that Diana should go) and her dialog is mostly better than Soules on the whole, her plots and the pacing of those same plots bug me.

After I read a book by Soule (again, I am just comparing these two because their styles are not too far off, just the outcome is  ;D) ... after I read Soule comic, I can think back on it and actually enjoy what happened and I enjoy thinking about what will happen next. Even though I had some issues (one or two at most) while I was reading the comic, the aftereffect is pleasant.

With Finch, while I have an easier time reading her story, it is not one I like to think back on. I trip less when I read her dialog and I can ignore the pacing problems as I go, but when I put the book down there are just too many things I have problems with.

Again, this isn't "bad" comics, it is just nothing I want to pay for right now. (And I did hate the way Donna Troy was used)

Overall I would grade this run as an average WW comic. Sadly, "average" has been the most used nomenclature for Wonder Woman comics for a majority of their run. This is more of the same I feel. Not bad, but just good enough. Diana deserves a tad better.

5 outta 10 - Average comics

Post by: Jimmy T on June 28, 2015, 08:09:44 AM
A fair appraisal.

I don't hold to the same opinions, mind you. It's not the most awful thing I've read, but I feel more than a middling "meh" to it, coming off the greatness the title experienced in the first 3 years.

I think what brings it down more for me is Finch's art that makes her appear to be a sex-kitten kewpie doll. Just not what I want, personally. Perhaps the inexperienced  storytelling wouldn't grate on me so much if all the women in the book weren't such Barbie figures.

But it definitely floats in the territory of being an average WW comic....which, to my mindset over these decades, an "average WW comic" is the same thing as "a really poor comic."

Post by: Gay Titan on May 10, 2016, 05:38:44 AM
So who is still reading WW? I have been reading it since the introduction of Donna Troy.

Post by: Perry on May 10, 2016, 01:31:27 PM
So who is still reading WW? I have been reading it since the introduction of Donna Troy.

I picked it up just for that, but have since dropped it. Most people complain about the writing on this book, and while I can agree that that is not it's biggest draw (to say the least), I am also just not a huge fan of Finch's art style any longer. I don't find it displeasing, really, as just a look I seem to nit-pick too often. I find the art more a distraction than the writing bothering me.


But I'll be back for Rucka !!!!  :)