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Title: Magneto and his girls, Lorna and Zala?
Post by: sinisteri on August 25, 2011, 09:17:35 PM

Most awkward story point in X-men history. Polaris is Magneto's daughter. This little gem is given validity during one of Magneto's death timeframes. The revelation comes from Polaris by way of a flashback where she alone finds a document in a file cabinet that substantiates the "truth". That moment in itself is lame. From that moment forward, the only other times this "fact" is depicted as truth is House of M(please anybody point out if I am wrong).

Recent X-men comic book has Magneto openly refer to Polaris as "my daughter" for the first time to my knowledge.

Magneto loves his kids and denies none of them as they were birthed by his great loves.  So, why has he never claimed Polaris and/or denied her as she would have made a gullible and valuable resource for him?


And how did she become part of the Dane family along with Zaladane. Some say Polaris and Zaladane could not be sisters since Dane is Lorna's adopted last name. Well, Dane could be Zala's adopted last name too. Siblings can be adopted together. This little storyline would also imply that Magneto killed or attempted to kill his own daugher. Why would Magneto deny two of his offspring when one of his characteristics is his love for his kids?

Title: Re: Magneto and his girls, Lorna and Zala?
Post by: Jeff on August 26, 2011, 05:32:02 AM
Good question Sin.  Thus needs to be cleared up!