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Title: Kevin Smith's Gay Hockey Wedding
Post by: Gay Titan on April 25, 2011, 10:24:46 AM
By Editors
Video of filmmaker Kevin Smith (Chasing Amy, Clerks) officiating the "I do"s of hockey superfans Scott Loudon and Michael Wojtowicz in February, is now online. The Los Angeles Kings fans have been in a relationship for 16 years and were wed in a ceremony conducted in Smith’s podcast studio and recorded for his SModcast podcast. The ceremony was also aired in part on ABC’s Nightline on February 22, in a segment about celebrity ministers that also included Tori Spelling and Kathy Griffin.

Said Smith about the ceremony being broadcast, “Suddenly, it goes from the 50 people here in this room to potentially the entire world [who get] to hear your wedding. And the more interesting the people are, the better it is. And if you're getting married here, you're really interesting. ... If you're getting married in hockey jerseys, and making me wear a referee jersey, and you're gay, and you're here, and you're huge hockey fans, we're in for a great show.”